Modulare Wheels – A Different Vision on Wheels

We are in the midst of a changing time for the wheel industry.  As little as ten years ago, there were few mainstream wheel brands to choose from, and a select few of those were dominating the scene.  Such goliaths as RAYS, BBS, and HRE went pretty much uncontested in their respective markets.

In the mid 2000’s things began to change.  I particularly remember the 2006 SEMA show as one that was littered with new wheel companies, all chomping for a piece of the pie and a shot at being the new top brand.  The economic downturn is where we saw the biggest shift.  It weeded out the boys from the men, and only the best survived.

Modulare Wheels is one of those brands that are not only surviving, but also thriving in today’s scene.  To us, what makes Modulare so special is their approach to the modification industry as a whole.  Every piece forged from T6-6061 aluminum is built-to-order to ensure that the wheel will be a unique fit perfectly and achieve the customer’s aesthetic goals.

Their 30 different selections of forged multi-piece and monoblock wheels are available to suit a range of automotive design philosophies, which gives them the opportunity for quite a diverse customer base.  We’ve spotted everything from Dodge Challengers, Range Rovers, Gallardos, and F430s sporting Modulare designs; both on the streets and on the Internet.  Starting at 18-inches and climbing up to 24-inches, there is no shortage of sizes either.

Did we mention Modulare were the first to outfit the aftermarket wheels on a Porsche 991?  They went with a set of gunmetal 21” B18 monoblock forged wheels which fit perfect on the white Park Place Porsche supplied 991 (see our write up here).  In the past, a younger company probably never would have taken a stab at such an honor, and we’re happy to see that times have changed.

The new players rising up in the wheel game are only going to help push the limits of wheel design and engineering.  As they compete and propel each other forward with new concepts and innovation, all we have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.  Be sure to check back here for more from our friends at Modulare Wheels, and show them your love on Facebook .