Changing The Way We Learn


As the author of Third Circle Theory, it is only natural that I keep an eye on the reputation of my book and doing so means interacting with many of the members who comment on social networks about my book from time to time. With over 250+ 5 star reviews and less than 1% who don’t love it or understand it, you would think I would be very happy and I am, but occasionally I wonder why 1% would not like it or understand it. Third Circle Theory was written in a manner that has value for all regardless of background, wealth, or how far you have gotten in life, so everyone should be able to find self-reflection within its pages that can help foster internal growth.

That said, it made me think of something that perhaps we never really talk or have talked about and that is how, as individuals, we all learn. We are a society that’s taught very early on to live based on action and reaction or work and reward. In other words, growing up we always associate any type of work we do with some type of reward.

Think about something as simple as going to school; the point of studying for an exam is to get an A, the point is always to graduate and receive a diploma, and the point of a diploma is to get a job. This system that we grow up with stays with us for quite sometime, but what we don’t realize is how much we miss in life in terms of learning when we continue to carry such expectations forward.

This is like someone asking “Will reading Third Circle Theory make me money?” and the answer is no book will ever make you money. The reality is that often we miss most of today’s best available education because it does not come with a reward and therefore forfeit the learning.

Think about this is a very simple manner that applies it to your very own life. Most of the actions you take each and every day are geared around the idea that the information you seek is to fulfill a specific purpose so very rarely do we seek information outside of our need to actually help us grow. I have had this argument many times with students as I assign them books outside of my own to read, none of which are related to making money or teaching them a specific needed skill for the moment.

Many do not actually read the assigned books, partly because of their need for an immediate reward at the end which isn’t there is there is no interest. But also partly because they do not comprehend value in self-education outside their needs. This is the reason that even though many focus on money; many never learn the correct skill sets to actually make it.

How can we change the way we learn and hold a better chance of actually moving towards accomplishing our goals and being successful?

Success comes from our ability to connect the dots, see further ahead, and execute until we get there, which means we have to actually be able to create such dots we are going to connect later on, even if that means simply become more aware for now. Doing so requires us to be constantly exposed to new information as I discuss in Circle 1 of Third Circle Theory. The idea of exposure is simply to give us a better understanding of concepts and principles so that we are able to actually identify opportunities.

A simple example would be someone understanding the car market and how it works so that when we buy or sell our car, we understand how to navigate the playing field. It also now enables us to identify more with opportunities in or around that space simply because we now understand how it works.

The same can be said for apps or online driven businesses, as I, myself, still to date, cannot code or understand every angle of online marketing, but I certainly have been exposed enough to be able to not only bring you Secret Entourage, but also be able to actually expand it and its reach as an online platform.

When I made my money in real estate and finance, my goal was not to learn about those things and go make money, instead at a very young age, I simply learned and exposed myself to money from a banking perspective, which included mortgages and money management. Such skills later played a significant role in my growth, as I was able to identify how to flip 72 homes without even taking out a loan back in 2005. The idea is simply to disconnect the need to learn from the immediate need of using the information learned.

The more you learn, the more aware you become, even if there is no need for you leverage or use such knowledge instantly. It also is truly the definition of keeping an open mind which has also been lost in translation and is referred to as being willing to be exposed to new experiences which really has nothing do with your mind.

The educational aspect, however, does and it would be best to leverage that as many of the resources that we can learn from are available for free and it would be a shame for you to miss them, simply because you believe that you didn’t get anything out of reading other than more knowledge of course.