Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

I asked our readers on our Facebook Fan Page if money can buy happiness. As expected I received a multitude of answers with some significant differences. From the extreme end where people firmly said ” NO” to others who questioned it by saying “No, but…” to others who simply said “oh yeah…” I personally love this topic as the answer does not define who people are and their beliefs but rather their perception on life, which to me holds so much more weight than belief or opinion…

In life we react based on our beliefs, and we react based on our opinions but we ACT based on our perception, and therefore make our perception the single most important factor in deciding our future. In other simpler words: “Its not what you want, its what you think you want”

So do I think that money can buy happiness?

NO, but I believe money can buy the circumstances that lead to happiness. In other words…you can’t buy love, but you can buy circumstances that will make you fall in love and live happily ever after. I pick love as the main point of study here as its the most controversial one when you ask people “Can money buy love?”

Most would argue that money can never buy love, as love is an emotion felt and not something materialistic. That is almost true, as love exist in many forms. You fall in love with a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Aston Martin every time you see one but yet only money can really buy you one. So despite the emotional attachment and desire for one, only money enables you to attain what you love. That’s the more basic example of the two loves one can have.

The second one is the more emotional one that requires loving another person, so can money create love between two people?

Well there is the more taboo subject which is where perception comes in play. Most will tell you that money can only satisfy materialistic need in life, which is true to an extent, but then I ask you are there not materialistic things that enable to people to meet? Is your appearance not based on materialistic items? The clothes you wear make you better looking to some than others? The cars you drive get attention or say something about you? The places you go like movies, clubs, parties, galas etc… all enable you to meet people? How about the computer you are using right now to read this, it enables you to meet people on Facebook, Twitter, etc…? How about going out on a date with someone you meet? How about going on vacation when you are married for 5 years and taking your mind off of life and on each other? All of those are materialistic things that require money, and that create opportunity, opportunity to meet people, get to know them, fall in love and then retain them.

So I will leave you to think about this, If you had ZERO money, then you wouldn’t really be able to have a home, clothes you want, cars, and you sure wouldn’t look very clean… which means you would technically be homeless, and in today’s society how many people you know get to know and fall in love with homeless people?

Who was the last homeless you met? What was his/her name? and did they look happy?

Let me know what you think, if I ask you now…”CAN MONEY BUY YOU HAPPINESS?”