100 Ultimate Dream Car Garages Part 4

Here is part 4 of our 100 Ultimate Dream Car Garages that include some awesome car collections from around the world. We’d like to think these garages set the bar pretty high but we aren’t even halfway through the series yet. Part 3 of our Ultimate Dream Car Garages had mostly Ferraris but Part 4 has a ton of Lamborghini’s, even some twin turbo modified Lambos.

#70 – Twin Turbo Gallardo Spyder….. Perfection…..

#69 -Platinum Lifestyle….

platinum motorsports lifestyle

#68 – Gotta have some old school American muscle…

#67 -Seeing this Porsche really makes us miss ours…. but a Murcielago replacement ain’t that bad either!

#66 -This guy is living the perfect life… Perfect wife, cars, house, job….

#65 -A mix of everything but definitely all high horsepower. Notice the Supra’s turbo…

#64 -This guy must like Lamborghini Gallardo’s… Oh yeah, one is twin turbo with 1000HP….

#63 -Looks like getting the Murcielago out is a chore…

#62 -Every car enthusiast needs a lift in their garage at some point…

#61 -The infamous Oil Can Man…

We hoped the 4th installment of Ultimate Dream Car Garages motivates you to take action and pursue your dreams. Don’t forget to check out Ultimate Dream Car Garages Part 3 where we featured beautiful garages with mostly Ferrari’s and even one with the rare Lamborghini Reventon. Part 5 of Ultimate Dream Car Garages features 5 separate garages with the one and only Ferrari F40.

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