Third Circle Theory – Are We The Sum of Our Choices?

Although many believe that we are nothing more than the by-product of our environment, we believe that we are nothing other than the by-product of our observations. In 2008, one man’s vision of what the world could be led to the creation of Secret Entourage, and 2013 will mark the birth of the system behind “How Visionaries are Created” with the introduction of the Third Circle Theory.

Here is how the Third Circle Theory allows people to understand how much of life is in their hands rather than in their environment, and it makes a compelling argument as to why we cannot be the sum of our choices, as choices are ultimately neutral in nature. As much as society wants us to think of right vs. wrong or wants us to put a value on good vs. bad choices, such methods are is highly inaccurate.

Choice is neutral as it involves picking between two alternatives only. Neither is good or bad, and neither have any value, only perceived value. If neither has value, neither can be better than the other. Two choices are bad as much as both are good, which is why you are considering one of them. If they had value, it wouldn’t require choosing between two alternatives.

If you look at how people perceive choice today, they see it as

Good Choice = Good Outcome

Bad Choice = Bad Outcome

Now, outcome does have a value because it is a final result that started with choice — but unlike what most would like for you to believe, choice isn’t the reason or a direct correlation of outcome as described above. Rather, it is the beginning point of a journey, and the outcome is the ending point and the result of that journey that started between two choices always.

If the above is to be true, then life is almost like gambling, because you have to choose an outcome hoping to select the right choice. In that case, is everything we know of life and success a lie, as it is ultimately a game of luck?

Once you read the Third Circle Theory, your perspective on your very own life changes, and you begin to understand why nothing in life is chance, but rather your own doing and as a result, learn to translate everything into something you can control and directly change and impact.

Those same equations above can be translated into different equations with one simple change.

Choice (neutral) + YOUR ACTIONS (good or bad) = Outcome (only one)

Changing the outcome to a neutral value and moving the good or bad measure on something you can control such as “your actions” is how you can ensure that life is no longer a gamble of your choices, but rather a by-product of your actions. All of your controlled actions create your outcome, and even though outcome is the end point of the sum of your actions, it is the actions in between that determine the only outcome you could have had to begin with.

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