Are Entrepreneurs the Answer to Social Recovery?


There is a lot of debate in today’s economy about the value of job creation by entrepreneurs and often we hear that the government no longer creates jobs. Is it really the core of the problem and is the poor job market’s growth dependent upon entrepreneurs creating and hiring or is that just a smoke screen to a bigger problem no one wants to face?

Having owned multiple successful companies, I can speak from experience when I say that entrepreneurs hire people who possess skills, character, and show their passion and dedication for what they do. On the other hand, Corporate America & government hire people with a conventional resume who have a distinguished voice.

While it is fairly generic to make such statement and certainly doesn’t apply to all major organization, it is a pretty accurate statement that covers 75% of hiring mangers that don’t understand people.

The real question at hand here is not if entrepreneurs are hiring or not, but rather if people are prepared enough to understand the logistics of the workforce they are about to enter.

The unfortunate answer to that is “NO” and unfortunately there is no easy fix to the major issue with the economic climate evolving 10 times faster than our ability to educate the force that is coming into it. Take away the technology aspect of this conversation, as we are already well aware of the factor that technology and formal education are very far apart as well.

In this particular case, however, I am referring to the fact that the media holds more leverage on education than the school system and that the media’s goal is to make money from its viewers, not guide them and prepare them to conquer their goals and ambitions.

8 out of 10 students we asked had no idea why they were taking the major they were taking in school. Not one could articulate three “dream” companies they wished to work for or a position they wished to hold out of school.

7 out of 10 students who hated school and didn’t want to be there also had no idea what they wished to do if they were to leave school today. Yet all agreed they were wasting their time in school. Out of those 7, all 7 wanted to be entrepreneurs with the hope of making a good living, yet none had an idea worth pursuing.

So if entrepreneurs need to hire more, then the government needs to create better products to help engage our younger audiences, but more importantly motivate them, guide them, and enable them to pursue something they grow a liking for, or become passionate about.

Then perhaps, today’s new entrepreneurs will find value in hiring young and ambitious people who show character and skill. As long as our educational system continues to focus on improving only the base minimums in low to moderate income areas for the sole reason of having more high school graduates, the further the gap becomes from those stuck in the middle ground who do bring value but simply can’t hang on to anything because of their lack of awareness and lack of exposure to success, and the different faces to it.

Today’s modern society can no longer be motivated by a poor teacher barely making a living who shows no passion, excitement, or enthusiasm towards teaching their students to remain motivated and interested in exploring.

Then people wonder why HerbalLife is being investigated for targeting poor and uneducated people with new MLM companies popping up every 10 seconds taking advantage of this lack of resources to convert lack of skill into slavery.

Perhaps the real solution lies within the core of new start-ups creating and funding internship programs and entry point roles where they might train talent rather than simply hire them but then again why should start-ups who are working to make a difference take on this burden themselves?