5 Things No New Entrepreneur Wants to Admit


We always say entrepreneurship is hard and that people should reconsider before jumping in without understanding the commitment needed in order to succeed. But as a result, we take a lot of shit from readers saying why would you discourage people?” While I stand on the reality of entrepreneurship is that you are better equipped “knowing” rather than “guessing”, we are also believers of the NO BULLSHIT route when it comes to educating people. In other words, if our small article really keeps you from following your dreams, they weren’t strong enough to follow to begin with, because once you start, you will realize that everything we say holds very little value compared to the real mental stress you’ll have to overcome going through the hoops themselves.

Here are 5 things you may not want to hear but will discover very quickly after a year of entrepreneurship.

1. No one gives a shit: Like it or not, it’s true. While you may find great people along the way and many will encourage you, or cheer you on; there is no one you should count on but yourself through the earlier phases of your journey. Even your own family may not understand and support you work, and that’s OK but is part of the reason you need to grow thick skin and move forward. While you are excited, people simply look at you as a dreamer, even if you are very talented and have a strong start.

2. Everyone wants to be part of it, but no one wants to work: As your share your vision with others, you will find their eyes open wide and sparkle with interest. You will notice their eagerness to prove themselves or to be part of your team but will quickly fade with their empty promises when they realize very little money is coming their way. While you maybe ready to give up equity for the right person, the right person isn’t willing to give up sweat equity to take your shares. Sad but true.

3. You don’t have a brand: You might have built a brand which consists of a beautiful model, design and systemology behind the madness of your project but you still won’t have a brand. Brands are created based on the consistent delivery of a message or purpose and consistency here translates to time. While you have a better chance of converting prospects to consumers, don’t think that your pretty designs overshadow the fact that other businesses know you haven’t been around long enough.

4. Your venture has no worth to others, until it makes money: Sad and true that money runs the world and certainly the business world. While your long term goals may be filled with millions and a change in the way the world does business, it certainly doesn’t matter to anyone else till you actually can show you are capable of generating revenue which converts to profit. Everyone can start a company, but very few know how to turn a profit. Remember that 2nd circle philosophy about the mastery of society.

5. It’s a hobby, unless its full time: We didn’t believe it either but its true. No matter how many hours you invest in something part time, your belief in yourself isn’t strong enough and people can see that. How can they do business with someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. While it’s ok to start and then switch from your job to your business, it has to eventually happen and very rarely will it happen after you have made millions. If you want to win, then you’ll have to believe.