13 Ways You Can Make 2013 Count

In case you felt like 2012 was a blur and 2013 could end up the same way, we came up with 13 different ways you can make this new-year count. With the end of the world having passed, there are now even more reasons to carry out a plan for 2013.

1.        The world did not end in 2012, and there is a strong chance it won’t in 2013 either.  Since you now know that the apocalypse isn’t here yet and you have a chance to survive this next year, then you can start refocusing on your top 3 goals.

2.        Be the change you wish to see in the world. Ghandi said it and we believe it, but you have an opportunity to act it and create the change you wish for, especially since the apocalypse didn’t happen.

3.        Create your own luck: If you weren’t so lucky in 2012, turn your luck around by actually working instead of hoping. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

4.        Cherish your most precious asset, TIME: You know you are guilty of wasting time in 2012, make 2013 different and use 2 more hours per day to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

5.        Get educated by exposing yourself to 3 new skills this year. Most people always seek more work or better jobs, but rarely spend time educating themselves on new skills unrelated to their immediate needs. Growth is after all about exposure to new things and your ability to learn new skills, not just new tricks.

6.        Surround yourself with better people: Take a look at all your friends and those you spend 2012 with and ask yourself if they are indeed those that you wish to see in your life in 10-15 years. If they are people you see yourself looking up to or counting on when you need help.

7.        Focus on changing your habits this year, not your outcomes. True change starts with your behaviors; make sure your goals are focused around the habits you need to improve and not so much the outcomes you wish to create.

8.        Be proactive, not reactive this year. Look ahead at what opportunities and what changes will occur in your life and plan ahead on ways you are going to seize and adapt, so that you don’t lose time in the process.

9.        Stick to your word: A good rule of thumb for success is being honest with yourself. Do what you say and deliver on every promise you make.

10.        Break away from your two worst fears: If you know what is keeping you from succeeding, then you know it is related to fear and the more you practice what you fear, the better you get at it and the more you eliminate your fears of failing.

11.        Get one step closer to finding your purpose this year, understand the 3rd circle theory and keep moving forward instead of second guessing yourself.

12.        Turn your liabilities into assets this year. Learn early on that what you spend on now could be paying you instead. Turn your lifestyle into an income.

13.        Make each day count more than the previous day in 2013. If you spend each day in a better fashion than the previous, you are guaranteed to move forward. All you have to do is let go of obstacles you cannot change and instead focus on variables you control such as usage of your time, people you chose to be around and actions you undertake to reach your goals.