10 Must Know Rules about Exotic Cars

audi r8

In 2009 we wrote our bestselling book “How to Drive a Luxury Car for Free” and “How to Drive an Exotic Car and Get Paid” where we teach you how to turn your luxury lifestyle into profits. As a result of these books, more of our readers have undertaken buying their dream cars but many are new to the exotic car scene and perhaps may not know these important rules about exotic car ownership.

1. Dealers are not the only ones that can work on your car. Just because it bears a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin badge, it does not means that no one is qualified to work on them. There are plenty of independent shops that specialize in exotic cars and charge a fraction of a dealer’s cost. Stay clear of the dealer for repairs as much as you can. There are rare instances where you cannot not go to the dealer due to diagnostic tools, etc but it is very rare. Exotic cars don’t actually break down more often than normal cars but often have faulty sensors and aux items like batteries or bulbs that go bad from just sitting there for a while. Don’t panic at every sign of warning lights on the dash.

2. Exotic cars are meant to be driven. Yes they didn’t make 500HP cars for you to look at them. They built them to be driven and the engines in most exotic cars like to be revved and used to their potential. A well driven car will last much longer and have fewer issues than a car this has sat in a garage for 3 years. Don’t be afraid to drive them!

3. The leather and interior is fragile. Most exotic cars have hand stitched interiors and use finer and thinner leathers on their seats and dash. As a result, wear and tears show much more and in much less time. Be cautious when allowing others to sit in the car as to what they are wearing and how harsh it might be on the seat itself.

4. Don’t allow your significant other or anyone to put on their makeup. The chemicals in their blush or mascara gets on their hands when using it and as a result leaves lots of marks all over the dash, door panels and more. Lamborghini cars don’t even have vanity mirrors, and that is partly because it just doesn’t matter what you look like when you drive an exotic.

5. Sex in the car is optional, but heels and strippers are not. Make sure to ask anyone that wants to make the car into a bed, to remove their 6 inch stiletto heels prior to doing so. The headliner in most exotics is suede or leather and could get damaged quickly if the bottom of a 6 in stiletto was to hit it.

6. Over revs and low gear cruising is not necessary. The way you distinguish a renter from an exotic car owner is by how they treat their car and how much attention they seek. Over revving when arriving, or simply cruising the streets in low gears to attract the crowd’s attention shows you lack of knowledge towards the car and lets everyone know you seek their approval, which is likely that you have rented your exotic. The car gets attention enough and you will get even more by acting ordinary rather than attempting to show off.

7. The valet is not your friend. Even though it might seem glamorous to get out in front of your venue and let everyone see you handing your keys to the valet, it is a big mistake. They will drive your car, curb your wheels and destroy your complex transmissions in less than 15 min. Always ask to keep your keys and still park up front. You might pay an extra $20 but it will be worth saving the $1500 it will cost to repair one of your curbed wheels.

8. Allow others to share your passion. As people take pictures of your car, pose with it or admire it, make sure to allow them the opportunity to. Owning an exotic car means that people will admire you and your car and simply comes with the territory. If you can’t stand attention, then go drive a Toyota. It is ok to ask people not to lean on it, or to not touch it, but do so in a polite manner so that you don’t come back to a car that has been keyed.

9. Never ride shotgun in your friend’s exotic car. If more than one of you owns an exotic car, it doesn’t mean only one of you should drive. Most people look at those in the passenger seat as those that eat off their friend’s success. It may not be true but perception is reality. Always leave the passenger seat open so that you can snatch the right opportunity when you want . If you want to take all your friends, go buy a Range Rover as a side car and enjoy!

10. Electronic clutches are real clutches. Just because you don’t see them or press them doesn’t mean they are not there. If your exotic has an automatic mode button, try to not use it at all. Most automatic modes wear out clutches quickly in an attempt to make the shifts smoother. Please make sure to understand that clutches are real and require replacing is used improperly. Most range from $5000- $10000 and can last as little as 3000 miles if abused.

There you have it, 10 rules you may not have known about owning an exotic car. Remember that when using our system, exotic cars become assets rather than liabilities and therefore require your attention and care. Following these ten rules will enable you to enjoy the experience without any high dollar hick ups.