Bargain of The Month – LUM-TEC M9

The LumTec M9 Chrono in PVD Finish

There are many posers and fakers out there that will pay significant amounts of money on replicas pretending to own name brand watches simply to attempt to belong to a group well above what they can afford to join. In our world, we believe that making money is great and that you should learn to spend it as well so more can stay in your pocket at the end of the day, which is why we bring you a new category called the Secret Bargain of the Month. We will show you a series of smart buys that are real and affordable, while placing you in a class of their own.

Our first bargain is: The LUM-TEC M9 Chrono in PVD Finish

The LumTec M9 Chrono aston martin

The LUM-TEC M9 is indeed one of my favorite pieces in the LUM-TEC Collection so far, due to its feel and size. Compared to our daily worn Panerai 104K series, the LUM-TEC M9 carries a vary similar outer case, the diameter of the watch is identical and so is most of the casing design, but the thickness and weight are different. The weight and thickness being different is actually not that bad, as it doesn’t seem like the LUM-TEC watch is attempting to copycat the Panerai or even attempt to put itself in the same league. Instead it uses some of the more enjoyable qualities found in higher end watch like the casing of the Panerai and the combat feel of the Bell & Ross but still feels like a fresh piece that does not need hiding from watch collectors. The dial is quite bright in orange and tastefully done for a chrono, but we would opt for some type of non-chrono should we ever decided on an orange dial as it looks busy. The strap is comfortable as well as stylish with matching stitching and seems to hold up well as we still show no real sign of wear despite wearing it for a week now. We would rate the design and watch overall a 7/10 in the watch world and the value a 10/10.

We recently took our LUM-TEC M9 with us to a local car meet with our Aston Martin and decided to get people’s reactions to the piece without making it too obvious that we were wearing it. The public immediately noticed the orange dial and stitching and had quite a bit of questions as to who made the watch and its cost.

lumtec m9

The best part is the wonderful price, which comes at $495 plus an additional 15% off for all our subscribers who should have got the coupon code via email.  Contact us if you did not receive it. This now brings me to my next point, LUM-TEC may not be known for making the worlds most prestigious watches and may not be as widely popular as brands like Panerai, Rolex, Jaeger, but they do make a great piece that is not only high quality, but also beautiful and has “cool” written all over it. More importantly it allows individuality without the attempt to compromise your integrity once your friends realize you wear replica watches that cost the same as the brilliant LUM-TEC M9.

We will use our LUM-TEC M9 daily until our Secret Entourage watches are complete. The watch is simply a perfect watch for our daily errands, workouts and outdoor activities and is a great addition to the numerous pieces we now have in our collection. The real funny part here is that for some reason, its the first watch that pops at you in the watch box, which ultimately makes you want to wear it :)

lum-tec m9 watch

Visit the LUM-TEC collection. Use coupon code ‘secret2’ for additional savings on your LUM-TEC order online.