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viper ferrari 360 models

Secret Entourage has been committed to bringing you some of today’s finest new faces and best photographers and this month is no exception as we introduce you to Secret Entourage’s newest crew member Mark Welkert of Dark Photography Designs.  After seeing some of Mark’s work posted on various sites, I realized that his work was very much aligned with Secret Entourage’s model of the month section and decided to give him a call and get the ball rolling on setting up a photo shoot.

For this particular shoot, we wanted to step it up 10 notches and therefore entrusted our friend Mark of Dark Photography Designs with our Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 360,  Aston Martin Vantage, and our fully modded Viper. What unfolded was an epic shoot.

Sexy car model with Lamborghini murcielago

What you are seeing is merely a preview of the wonderful models coming soon to Secret Entourage for your viewing pleasure brought to you by Dark Photography Designs, and I am warning you now, sexy is an understatement!

Working with Mark was such a pleasure and we did have a chance to sit down and talk and get to know more about him and Dark Photography Designs.

car model ferrari 360 modena

Why the name Dark Photography Designs?

I wanted to use my real name, but it doesn’t have a great ring to it. So I decided on a name that was a play on words. Photography is all about lighting and instead of using light in the title, i used the opposite. I added in the Designs because I feel that photography isn’t just about camera settings and lighting. It’s about creating a work of art and sometimes that has to happen in post production.

What do you specialize in and why?

I mainly specialize in glamour and fashion photography, but I am willing to shoot any style. I seem to have a knack for not only capturing these images, but also being able to come up with the style of the shoots. I love working with models, coming up with ideas and picking out wardrobe to add my own fashion styling into all of the shoots. That’s how the ART portion of photography all comes together. Taking a picture takes a second but creating a picture ca take much longer if done right.

dodge viper with model

Tell us about your equipment and why you chose that type of gear?

I use Canon cameras and Canon L Series lenses exclusively. No real reason other than it’s what i started with. There seems to be this ‘war’ between Nikon and Canon users. I don’t care either way. Both Canon and Nikon make great equipment. Once you commit to one brand, it’s difficult to switch over.

Secret Entourage recently commissioned you to work with our cars on our next few model features, what can you tell us about the shoot and what people should expect in the upcoming months (not that the preview doesn’t speak for itself)?

My first shoot for Secret Entourage was spectacular. Having access to beautiful cars and the great people who brought them was amazing. In the future. you can expect great photography, coupled with more gorgeous models and exotic cars!

d2forged aston martin with model
Whats the next big move for Dark Photography Designs?

Having only 4 years experience and being self taught, I am never satisfied staying still. I am constantly learning and studying new techniques to bring myself to the next level. I feel that perfection isn’t something I will ever achieve, but I enjoy striving for it!

exotic car with import models
How did you grow a passion for photography?

My passion started with getting my first camera after my son was born. I got so many great compliments on my photos of him, it just grew out from there. I have had great support from my wife as well on this newfound hobby. I have always been artistic in some form or another. I used to do sketching, drawing, graphic design, 3D rendering and video effects . With my extensive computer design background, this seemed like the next logical step (and it was!).

Lamborghini and hot sexy model

Working with Mark and his photography was nothing less than spectacular and as you can see from the pics, the newest lineup of models for the upcoming months looks very promising. We want to take a second to welcome Mark on board as our newest photographer and give him a big thank you for creating art for Secret Entourage. You will see much more of Dark Photography designs in the months to come but in the meantime, make sure to check out some of Mark’s previous work and friend him on Facebook.


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