IMA Motorsport 997 Porsche GT3 Twin Turbo

ima motorsport porsche 997 gt3 twin turbo

A while back Secret Entourage had the benefit of sitting down with Ivan, owner of IMA Motorsport; a shop which specializes in BMW and Porsche Racing to talk about his secret to success. In the past few months, Ivan has been working on a project that he hopes will take his shop to the next level and help him get the right recognition worldwide within the Porsche Community.

Introducing the first ever Twin Turbo kit application in the world for the 996 and 997 non-turbo motors by IMA Motorsport.

porsche 997 gt3 twin turbo engine

Thanks to IMA Motorsports’ state of the art technology and facilities, you are now able to produce major horsepower from your Porsche 911 even if you opted out of buying the 911 Turbo or 911 GT2. IMA Motorsport’s twin turbo kit uses the same variable geometry turbos found on the 997 911 turbo, but leaves all other components entirely changed to adapt to the different size motors found in the 997 non Turbo.

Producing 500+ All Wheel HP on the 996 C4S and closer to the 550 HP range to the wheels of the almighty 997 GT3. These Turbos are not a mere substitute for a basic level power upgrade but rather the ultimate treatment you can give your power hungry 911.

Pricing on the Twin Turbo applications for the Porsche 996 start at $14,500

Pricing on the Twin Turbo applications for the Porsche 997 start at $16,500

Make sure to check out IMA Motorsport for information on these Porsche 996/997 turbo kits and get in touch with our friend Ivan and get yourself a set of those wonderful turbos so you can keep up with the rest of us. Keep in mind that it might be a few more weeks before Ivan starts taking orders for these wonderful twins, so if you don’t get in on this fast, you simply won’t go very fast…

porsche gt3 rs twin turbo