The Worlds Most Exclusive Credit Cards


Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you don’t use credit. In fact, those who have “made it” know that there is such a thing as good debt. But sometimes you just want the convenience of a credit card and its rewards. As you could imagine though, “rewards” for high net worth individuals are a bit different.

Most exclusive credit cards come with 24 hour concierge services, personal shoppers, access to private airport lounges. But there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest. From Diamond Studded cards to $2,500 annual fees, the price of admission keeps card holders in rare company.

8. Visa Black Card

Some typical Black Card perks don’t earn the Visa Black Card much in the way of recognition. It can get you into many types of VIP lounges around the world, not just in an airport. The most interesting fact is that it is made with Carbon and is a limited membership issue card. A 0% APR is pretty attractive too though. It is the most exclusive credit card you can get with a Visa logo printed on it. But that’s about it.

Annual Fee: $495

Access: Apparently, just ask…


7. Merrill Lynch Black Bull

Limited to just 5% of U.S. residents, you may think that the Black Bull is super exclusive. This card starts our list because it comes with a $250K LIMIT. Though the perks are pretty big standard, it shares one great reward with another card on our list and allows card holders to accumulate points to toward one free hour of private jet travel with partner Marquis Jet. It is now replaced with the Merrill+ card.

Annual Fee: $295.

Access: Unsolicited applications; Merrill Lynch Wealth Management assets at $250K or greater pays no fee.


6. JP Morgan Palladium

This card is made of Palladium, a rare metal in the platinum family, and 23-karat gold. Logos and names are etched by laser and you receive a plastic version of the same card allowing you to protect the original. Typical travel rewards abound with the Palladium including complimentary first-class upgrades and companion tickets with several airlines.

Annual Fee: $595.

Access: JPMorgan Chase private bankers with $250K+ available assets on hand.


5. Eurasian Bank Diamond Card

There are many banks starting to recognize the trend and demand. Even if the average monthly wage is about $500, the Eurasian Bank in Kazakhstan is offering a card that is quite simple and elegant. Based on rewards alone you wouldn’t give this card a second thought. Look at the card itself though and you see the difference immediately. It happens to be decorated with a gold heart inlayed on the face of the card surrounding a .02-karat diamond.

Access: Issued to Eurasian Bank members with $300K annual income.


4. Sherbank Visa Infinite Gold

How do you sum this card up…? Lets just keep it simple: The card is made of solid gold and encrusted with 26 diamonds.

Annual Fee: None

Access: Be one of Sherbank’s top 100 customers and pay the $65K to purchase the card and another $45K as a deposit on your account.


3. American Express Centurion

This exclusive card, rumored to have around 100,000 cards issued worldwide, has for a very long time been considered the strongest card in the business. And it literally is since it is made from Titanium. This writer happens to know of one Centurion card holder (who is sure to be reading this post ; ) ) who purchased his Aston Martin entirely with his. Offering a free “Companion” tickets and access to invitation only and sold out events.

Annual Fee: $2,500.

Access: Invitation Only, $5,000 initial fee, $250K annual spending thru American Express.


2. Stratus Rewards Visa

Bucking the status quo, the Stratus Rewards Visa is actually known as “The White Card”. Billed as a competitor, but arguably more exclusive than the Amex Centurion, the White Card comes with all the standard “Black Card” perks with one special extra. You see, the only problem with the Centurion is that its card holders typically don’t fly commercial to realize those class upgrades and lounge access perks. With the White Card you can redeem up to 25 hours of discounted or even free private air travel with the issuing banks partner Marquis Jet.

Annual Fee: $1,500.

Access: Invitation or Nomination Only

1. Dubai First Royal Master Card

At only a few hundred being issued to UAE residents only, it’s understandable that not much is known about the world’s most prestigious card. Like the Sherbank card, it is made with real gold and a rather sizeable certified diamond in the center. Typical members are usually royalty or oil tycoons producing 9 to 10 figures annually. So, honestly what “rewards” can you offer a UAE national? Yes, most of these cards have 24/7 concierge but the Dubai First Royal Master Card gives you your personal relationship manager as well as a lifestyle manager and no purchasing restrictions…period. And believe it or not a whopping 4% cash back. Go figure.

Annual Fee: Seriously…you expect Master Card to charge these guys?

Access: If you have to ask…

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