SR Auto Group – Head Office

If you’ve been following Secret for even just a few months, you’ve noticed our posts about the killer vehicles coming out of the SR Auto Group shop in British Columbia. They are in the process of moving in to a brand new facility that they built to serve as their head office, showroom, and installation center. We took some time to chat with Tony Yuen, one of the men behind SR, to get more info on the expansion.

Secret Entourage: Is SR building a new headquarter, or simply a new office? Tell us more about what this new expansion is about. What sparked the need for a larger facility?

Tony Yuen: We are in the midst of designing a brand new head office. This new location will serve as the forefront for growth, expansion, and a brand new outlook on how SR performs in 2013.

SE: From the looks of your last showroom, we are very excited about seeing how beautiful this new office will be. Can you share some of the unique features that will apply to this new office, which will surely be timeless in design?

TY: The new office will feature a lot more glass and textured materials, like what you would see from your favorite hotel lobby. We want our clients to have a completely brand new experience that is unheard of when it comes to the automotive industry. Taking inspiration from architecture from across the globe, we have combined our favorite aspects and mashed them together to create what we think will be an epic new office.

SE: This past year, we have seen some amazing projects between SR and PUR, as well as some beautiful new items from the SR Lifestyle. Can you tell us more about some of the highlight of 2012 for SR so far?

TY: The biggest highlight of the year has to be this move for us. It represents everything we have done in the past 10 years, and everything that will come in the next 10 years. In terms of projects, the LFA aka Project Reignfire is certainly on the top of our list for projects. This was a momentous project as we were one of the first to modify an LFA. Rest assured though, come December we will have our top ten countdown ready to go.

SE: And we’ll be ready to share that with our readers! Can you give us a preview of what this new office means in terms of direction for 2013? Any major expansion or direction changes as a result?

TY: The new office will allow us to enter into a new realm of the automotive industry and set an unprecedented service standard that has never been seen before by a modification shop. It will allow is to meet and exceed any previous expectations that have been set in the past. Along with a new service standard, we will be able to take on projects like never before. There is only one direction that we are headed, and that is upwards. We have ensured that we have all the necessary resources available, and we intend on making use of every single one of them.

SR is clearly stepping up to the plate in a big way and they’re prepared to continue changing the game. If you don’t follow SR on Facebook, be sure to do so immediately. They’re always posting galleries of their recent project cars and awesome items from their lifestyle boutique, and if you’re in the Vancouver area get in touch with them to make an appointment at their new facility.