Luxury Real Estate – LA Dream Homes Part 2

Last month we brought you an amazing mansion located in LA, from spectacular landscapes to a luxurious and modern interior, it seemed like it would be hard to top. Well it wasn’t, it was actually easier than you think… This new property takes it 3 notches higher by combining some of the most tasteful and luxurious interiors ever seen, including a wine cellar with mermaids?

Located at 1954 Blue Jay Way, this masterpiece floats over LA and gives a new definition to creativity…

Some elements aside from the 15,000+ sq ft are the extremely ingenious waterfalls located within the home instead of doorways, allowing you to see the other side with a blurry twist. The other very important factor is to consider the fact that there is an actual swimming pool whose bottom and sides are see through? Allowing swimmers to see in the home and people sitting in the wine cellar or party room to see all the beautiful creatures in the pool.

The house wouldn’t be complete without a state of the art disco room, media room and security room.

Make sure to take note of some of the best decor found on any home featured to date.

Make sure to check out the entire gallery for some amazing shots of this very luxurious and unique home.