SR Auto Group – Panerai Meet Ferrari

We recently got an email from our friend Tony Yuen, of SR Auto Group telling is us about his latest timepiece and creation. We thought of how beautiful this combo looked and wanted to share it with you all. We are huge fans of Panerai, and actually have a Ferrari California in the works and thought what a great combo. Coming to you from SR Auto Group – Masterpiece “Archangel”

The Ferrari California meets The Panerai and a match is made in heaven…

The Panerai Ferrari collection includes the two pieces showcased here and more. Entry level Panerai Ferrari collection start at $7000.00 and go all the way up to mid $20,000. A great addition to anyone’s wrist, especially if you have the pleasure of stepping into a Ferrari on nice days.

The California sits on Pur Design Wheels 21″ fronts and 22″ rear monolite forged.

This particular model is the Panerai GranTurismo.

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