Luxury Real Estate – The German Floating Home

Luxury real estate is not always about size and luxury but rather creativity and this particular home in Germany takes the cake for creativity. The floating house as the name says is a home built on the water and is actually floating giving you 360 degree view of the ocean as well as 7 different boat ports allowing your vehicle of choice to be a boat.

Featuring a little less than 2000 sq ft makes this the smallest home we’ll feature in 2012 but none the less probably the most creative. Designed by Steeltec37, a company whose mission is focused around homes built for harmony and freedom, this home is their best masterpiece.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
Listed for sale at $98,000
Bought at $80,000 plus tax & tags
Drove for 4 months then posted for sale
Sold for $93,000 in less than 30 days
Made $9,000 in Profit

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