Marconi Museum’s $30 Million Car Collection

marconi museum

Tucked away in the beautiful Orange County city of Tustin, California, resides a hidden $30 million car collection at the Marconi Museum. The museum was founded by Dick Marconi, an avid car collector and health medicine entrepreneur, who decided to purchase a 100,000 sq ft warehouse and turn it into a non profit automotive museum, featuring the worlds rarest cars and motorcycles of all eras. Our partners at ModLyfe had the chance to attend this great event and shared some of the images with us.

diablo vt

A few Lambos could be found within the museum, such as this rare blue Diablo VT with Italian flag colored calipers.

jacguar xj220s

The super rare, 1 of 5, Jaguar XJ220S. Possibly even the only red one to exist? Another XJ220S also resides around Beverly Hills.

marconi museum

ferrari f50

Count not one but two Ferrari F50’s. The prancing horse marquee had a substantial number of cars present at the museum.

ferrari fx

One of the Sultan of Brunei’s car made it here, the $1,000,000 Ferrari FX. Based on the Ferrari 512m and features an F1 gearbox.

bmw m1

BMW’s last true in-house supercar, the BMW M1, Built in the early 1980s. We think it’s time for BMW to produce another supercar. What do you think?

ferrari 195s

1 of only 3 still remaining, this Ferrari 195S was actually raced by Dick Marconi in the 1988 Mille Miglia.

ferrari testarossa

The Marconi Museum featured many retired cars still sporting their racing livery, such as this Ferrari Testarossa. This car was probably sponsored and/or raced by Dick himself.

ayrton senna

Hanging on the wall was the iconic Marlboro Honda F1 car driven by the great Ayrton Senna.


The cruise and tour of the Marconi Museum was arraigned by the good folks of Luxury4Play. The outside parking lot was a show of its own.

veyron supersport

BC’s Veyron SuperSport was present in its stunning blue carbon fiber finish. Not a bad gap car to drive around while your Veyron finishes production if you ask me.

ferrari f458

Steve’s then black but now yellow Ferrari 458. Driven like it should be.

To see the rest of the pictures of this private car collection, visit  ModLyfe’s website for the full coverage feature of the Marconi Museum.

Marconi Automotive Museum

1302 Industrial Drive
Tustin, California 92780