Klutch22 – Real Time Car Locator

We gave you a quick look into the world of Klutch22, the real time locator 2 months ago when we had a chance to witness it first hand at a local car meet in Canada.

Today we bring you a rather full review of what the app is about and also look at some of the cool features that will change the rally industry worldwide.

The app is simple yet ingenious and works similar to a GPS tracking device for car enthusiasts but with many little twists that make it so much more than just tracking.

It allows you to track where your friends when they are cruising which helps create a driving community. Major car clubs and street crews can create their own groups referred to as Krews on the app, allowing them to show an increase presence across various towns while creating friendly rivalry need for speed style.

You can also tag where you spot most exotics or rare cars, so others in the area can also know for future reference where most hot spots are.

Finally, the last feature we really like is the fact that you can accumulate points and earn reputation points based on cars driven and krews formed etc. The app is very entertaining to use when used on car cruises, rallies, road trip, etc…

We personally have created a Secret Entourage Krew and hope to see all of Secret Entourage car fans on there joining our Krew. If you do so, shoot us an email so we send you a Klutch22 sticker to add to your car just like our Aston Project Heaven displays everyday!

Keep in mind, this is only for the iPhone so far but Julien Noel and his krew are working hard to bring you the Android version of the Klutch22 app asap, download the Klutch 22 app and hope to have everyone join us on the road in DC and CA ☺