LUM-TEC M25 Review

Our LUM-TEC M25 is finally here and just in time for the holidays thanks to our friend Chris over at LUM-TEC. We were a bit skeptical at first dropping $1000 on a LUM-TEC watch but after seeing pictures we were dying to see this masterpiece in person and see if it was really worth the wait and the big bucks. Now you might remember our last review of the Bull45 which was more of rugged watch and was the actual basis for our Secret Entourage Watch, but it was primarily a watch to be worn on your days off with your jeans and T shirt.

This new watch however is quite different as it is both elegant and usable, making it a great complement to almost any outfit you wear. At first glance, the design seems to be similar to a Panerai, simply without the crown protector. It seems to measure 44mm, which is identical to the PAM series and wears much heavier than other LUM-TEC watches we have owned or tried on.

Lets just get started with the review…

Presentation: Unlike our past LUM-TEC watches, this one came in a very different and much more attractive wooden box. I truly enjoyed this presentation much more as it gave the watch a much more experience opening it. The other improvement here is the additional straps nicely tucked in to the side pockets of the box. We rank the presentation a 7/10

First impression: At first glance, the LUM-TEC M25 looks really nice. It is quite simple looking which is good for a dress watch and the polish adds to its character. The numerals inside the M25 and its colored dial look really nice and create a feel of complexion without a chrono feature. The look is simple yet works, but the real kicker for us was the weight. We collect high dollar watches and have a passion for Panerai, Jaeger, Audemars and others, and one of the main reason is how they feel on your wrist. This particular, LUM-TEC M25 even though not quite as powerful to wear, made a good impression with its weight and feel. The strap was also very classy in black leather and white stitching.

What we love: The weight, dial design and LUM-TEC quality.

What needs work: Would love to see an open back on a watch costing near $1000, and perhaps a blend of stainless and polished casing.

Overall impression: We really feel like the LUM-TEC M25 is a great choice for an entry level luxury watch. It isn’t quite yet to the level of design or feel as that of a Panerai but surely is a good step towards that direction. The important part however is the fact that LUM-TEC is starting to improve itself and create watches even for picky watch people like us at Secret Entourage and that leaves us very excited to see whats in store for them in 2011. We rank this watch a 8/10 for being a great effort, a great watch and the best LUM-TEC yet.

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Here is a link to the watch itself on LUM-TEC”s site:  CLICK HERE