The Art of Entrepreneurship Defined

define entrepreneurship

A new year is almost upon us and the world is starting to show excellent signs of financial recovery, but will this recovery last? A question that only time will tell as you might find people on both extremes of the answer. Regardless of the circumstances, which we have very little control over, the world around us has changed financially, and the opportunities have as well. For entrepreneurs, the rules of the game have not changed a bit, analyze and identify opportunities while quickly acting on them.

But can you define entrepreneurship?

entrepreneurship definition

Entrepreneurship Definition

To define entrepreneurship, it is a word thrown around quite often in tough economic times and a label placed easily on those that have made money from creating a concept or starting a business, but reality remains that entrepreneurship is much more than just making money or executing an idea. It’s an ART.

I am going to take the next few weeks to bring you a mini series called the Art of Entrepreneurship and break down for your some of the key traits, elements and behaviors that make someone a true entrepreneur.

What is the Entrepreneur definition?

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. But what is the real in-depth definition of  a successful entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur usually sees the world from a very different perspective, one that is very analytic as well as ambitious. We usually see the world with a constant eye for change and improvement, and often look for opportunities where others are afraid to look or venture.

As entrepreneurs we often look at building a business as a game and winning as the only outcome. We are flexible and understand that a business is not created on its birth but rather on the day we part away with it. We are passionate about our business or idea but never emotional, as we learn to think logically with our head, not our heart.

We strive for success and understand that ideas are nothing without the proper execution. We often chuckle at those that ask us for a great idea, as we know that ideas are everywhere and as simple to find as to look at all the daily things we use and improve them.

define what an entrepreneur is

We pride ourselves in who we surround ourselves with, and often look for the best to help us grow our business, project or philanthropy.

Last but not least, we remain consistent till we win and flexible on changing our strategy in order to finish what we started and win.

The reality remains that for us entrepreneurs, wealth and money are NEVER the goal, and despite being on our minds, the ultimate goal is to succeed in growing something great out of nothing, and understand that the money element will come by itself in due time which is the main difference between real entrepreneurs and business men. We are in this for the game, and to prove to our self that we can create, build and execute while others dream. We act while others fear.

This is what we define entrepreneurship, which is also the reason why I will be sharing with you in detail the traits and behaviors that will help you become better in the Art of Entrepreneurship.

Join us next time as we discuss in depth why an idea without execution is useless…