Art of Entrepreneurship – The Right Team


Many entrepreneurs remain emotional around their projects and therefore decide to have a “do it all” outlook that honestly is quite dangerous and unproductive. This common emotional attachment to their project keeps them from being able to attain the goals that they seek as no one individual is better than a team of proficient players.

One of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make is their inability to choose the right players to help them bring their vision to life.

When we think of successful entrepreneurs and those that failed, the word team doesnt always come to play but in most cases; many behind the scene folks work very hard to bring a single idea to life. A very important part of having others help you is selecting the right people, people that will really make a difference in your world based on their skill set. There is a huge misconception out there that you should want people that work for you and follow your leadership. The reality is that you should want people that are equally if not smarter than you. They can really help you by bringing in expert advice and ideas especially when you run into challenges.

Many entrepreneurs are scared that people take advantage of their companies as smarter people might have better connections. You need to become a great judge of character, let go and allow folks to help you reach the top, otherwise a 3 year road, might take 8 years. Keep in mind that experts not only will have the idea, expertise and tact but will also be more driven to succeed as they will feel challenged to a degree above which they are comfortable. Taking that un-comfort and translating it into opportunity makes you the leader, not the fact that you are smarter, and gives you nothing to fear but rather every opportunity to build something great, before you build something greater.

Growing up in a world of ideas, I also had similar feelings towards my ideas and often limited my own abilities to grow into the next big thing. Instead I would take baby steps towards my goals and eventually really be pushing the envelope of self motivation.  I challenge to partner with people that can help you grow your talent and bring out the best out of you while pushing you harder to meet goals and help one another succeed. Fear is the essence of why nothing gets done in Corporate America and the main reason why you are pushing your own ideas and growing your own company so it doesn’t make sense to allow your corporate training and mindset to disturb your next big idea; but rather turn FEAR into adrenaline and move forward.

Pick a team whose skill sets complement one another, rather than overlap and make sure that you have a clear understanding of those you bring on board and their work ethic but more importantly make sure they are on the same page for consistency and long term vision as ideas take time to evolve into businesses and remember only the most committed win.

Join me next time as I take you on a FEARLESS approach to an idea.

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