Platinum Motorsports – From Idea to Icon

We are not easily impressed by tuners out there and the work they do on rare exotics as we happen to see quite a bit everyday and therefore have become very big critics of people’s work. Partly because we believe that if you are going to tear down a $250,000 car, then you better make sure it actually looks better than it did when it was not modified. Many will say that it’s a question of personal preference but we will disagree as we mod cars to gain exposure and the attention of other enthusiasts and to differentiate our cars from those of others, and therefore what we happen to do to our cars and the people’s perception of our work is most important especially if you own Platinum Motorsports.

Platinum Motorsports is famous worldwide for having made a significant impact in today’s tuning world. Producing some of today’s most exquisite automobiles and catering to the unique needs of athletes and celebrities all over the world, Platinum Motorsports is a brand often associated with aftermarket automotive excellence.

Today we take a moment to showcase their fully revamped Lamborghini Murcielago, as well as give you a peek inside their amazing LA mansion.

This has to be by far one of the most, if not the most amazing Lamborghini Murcielago found anywhere. Featuring the Agetro wheels, a Premier 4509 kit and Matte Gunmetal paint on the outside while sticking to the Reventon’s alcantara theme on the inside…The car is nothing short of striking inside out, and is the perfect symbol that Platinum Motorsports plans to retain its king of LA title when cruising the streets of Beverly Hills…Find out what makes PLATINUM the king of the West Coast HERE