100 Ultimate Dream Car Garages Part 8

We are back and better than ever with our latest installment of Ultimate Dream Car Garages. To be honest, choosing the top 30 cars was a difficult task and in no particular order, here is the third to last segment featuring some of the worlds finest car collections.

#30 – Porn industry sure does pay well!

#29 – Neighbors must think he’s a drug dealer….

#28 – Boss. Enough said..

#27 – This car collection is epic on many levels…

#26 – Is that four Ferrari 360 Modenas I see?

#25 – Scott Storchs collection before he blew it all on coke…

#24 – Richard Berry, son of the Yellow Pages founder, has one of the best collections. Anyone have more pics?

#23 – Armens Ferrari collection. Perhaps the best in California?

#22 – Singapores finest collection…

#21 – The late Benny Caiola and his car collection. One of the few individuals with a Zonda in the USA…

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