Mansory Cyrus Aston Martin DB9

One may think this is the the new One-77 Aston Martin, a car rumored to cost over 1.5 Million dollars, or perhaps a super version of the all mighty DBS, but the reality is that this stunning work of art is none other than a perfect carbon fiber version of the DB9 by our friends at Mansory Tuning. This is probably by far some of Mansory’s absolute best work. The car’s entire exterior is made of Carbon Fiber and sports designs from the DBS and One-77 models, but yet retains its real DB9 usable status…

This is the first time Mansory goes to this extreme on a model as noble as Aston Martin, but seeing the results we are sure it won’t be the last.

The car features a modified version of the V12 found in the DB9 but is still very much drivable, the point was to make the car stand out and yet remain true to its real purpose. The carbon weave allows for some stunning breathing of the V12. The wheels are typical Mansory wheels as found on most Mansory cars.

Outside from the front bumper being derived from the One-77, the entire car has been made much wider with rear elements from the DBS. It is in every way a stunning work of art.

The interior on the other hand is something else all together, the most tasteful and beautiful we have yet to see, full of carbon with amazing red and black suede throughout.

Mansory really outdone themselves with this one, as we believe this to be their absolute best work yet. We look forward to seeing much more form Mansory especially with their upcoming Rolls Royce Ghost.