The California – Perfection in Motion

The Ferrari California is by far one of today’s most attractive propositions for those seeking the elegance of a Ferrari without having to go get their F1 Racing license. The Ferrari that became the first hardtop convertible exotic car has now been out for quite some time and sales have shown that it has built a following among women drivers and among GT owners. It is the perfect alternative to the Aston Martin DB9 or Maserati GrandTurismo GTS.

Since its debut a few years back, tuners have also enjoyed a lot of success creating their very own version of this gran tourer. Here is a look at our 4 favorite Ferrari California builds ever!

In 4th place comes….

The NOVITEC Cali: With 22″ signature NOVITEC wheels, a 606HP motor packed with a supercharger, the NOVITEC Cali is the fastest one of the group, but far from the best looking.

In 3rd place comes…

The Modulare Wheels California for their enhanced OEM style wheel. Flashing a simple yet beautiful set of 22″ Modulare B18, one of Modulare Wheels’ best designs. The car keeps its OEM look while enhancing it just enough to make a statement.

In 2nd Place comes…

The Vellano Wheels California slammed on a staggered 21″ and 22″ setup. Their VKK concave wheels in matte black centers and gloss black lips is one of the best looking wheel on the white California.

1st Place:

1st place is awarded to the infamous ADV1 car that started it all. The infamous JSMM car was the one that first captured our hearts and made us fall in love with the California.

There you have it – 4 Ferrari California cars that have helped us fall in love with the 1st Ferrari that is purposely trying to stay away from its racing heritage.

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