Gimme a Burger – Innovation in the Kitchen!

It is not everyday that Secret Entourage goes out of its comfort zone to do a story on a burger joint unless of course there is a great reason to. As you know, we are the leaders in entrepreneurship, especially when it pertains to innovation, and this particular burger joint caught our attention because of its amazing focus on differentiating itself from the competition. How innovative can a Burger Restaurant really be? We go inside Gimme a Burger in Deerfield Beach, FL to find out.

Gimme a Burger has been around for some time now according to owners Yasmin and Serhad and they’ve been working hard to keep their innovative secret from being stolen by the competition. Their slogan is “The Secret is in The Burger” and the reasoning is that there indeed is a secret inside each burger they make. The secret is various infusions of spices, vegetables, or toppings infused in each patty giving the burger a unique and very tasteful flavor. The result was one of the best burgers we ever tasted which made us want to complement the chef but instead the owners came out and talked with us.

Tell us about yourself and why you started a burger restaurant.

Serhad: We are just a normal family who couldn’t find a great burger place to eat at in our neighborhood, so we decided to open one that was different. There are 2-3 burger restaurants within 5 miles and the quality is low, the grease high, and the places are barely considered clean. Me and my wife decided to start a different type of restaurant, one that was clean, healthy, and served quality meats with a twist. We also wanted to focus on getting to know our clients, rather than just having customers.

What are infusion burgers?

Yasmin: Infusion burgers are our signature burgers and the reason why everyone likes our burger in Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton. We use some of the best toppings and spices and infuse the burger’s patties with them using our secret method. The taste of each burger is amplified and the result is quite unique. We have a new burger called the Coffee Burger which is infused with bacon, brown sugar, and more, giving it a very unique taste that our clients love.

Is Gimme a Burger a chain?

Yasmin: Not yet, but we will be opening our 2nd location very soon and shortly after may focus our efforts on franchising opportunities as many of our clients have shown interest in our brand. We want to perfect our branding prior to pushing the envelope of our expansion. We are also still testing many new infusions and innovations to continue staying ahead of other traditional burger restaurants.

Secret Entourage wants to thank Yasmin and Serhad for sitting with us and telling us all about their restaurant. We are strong believers that innovation is the key to entrepreneurship and Gimme a Burger certainly has not only surpassed our expectations in terms of taste, but also in terms of business model. Look for more greatness from Gimme a Burger and perhaps one opening near you in the future. For now, make sure to check them out below and let them know Secret sent you.

Gimme A Burger
1200 E Hillsboro Blvd
Deerfield Beach FL 33431