You Get What You Expect

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In our pursuit of success, no matter what the definition of success might be, we often set goals for ourselves, but are those goals really where we want to go or rather what we settle for?

I often speak to folks that have dreams of luxuries and lavish lifestyles but then immediately change their dreams and hopes the moment the cost of it comes to play.

Why is it that people lack self confidence and can’t hold on to their dreams, they are often paralyzed by the thought that others may mock them if they fail.

Remember that no one will make your dreams come true but you so why be intimidated that a world filled with jealousy does not agree with you or does not wish you to succeed, why invest a minute of your time acknowledging others that thrive on your failure so they can justify why they will not make it?

I strongly believe that you should go for the first prize and only settle on second place if you couldn’t make it despite your hardest efforts. Please don’t settle for anything less than perfection or its exactly what you will get. Remember that you set your reach anywhere you want but the lower the reach, the quicker you get there, except “there” wont be where you want to be. So pick carefully.