Are You Motivated About Yourself?

The world we create around us is highly dynamic; the physics of what guides our decisions is complex. We are in an ever changing world that moves faster than we do in some cases, and becomes hard to catch up with if we fall too far behind. The reality remains that we are alone in this world no matter how much support we have and that we only become what we expect to create. Along the way come mentors, teachers and influences that help us remain motivated and guide our efforts the right way, these people come and go with time but our motivation doesn’t have to.

Self motivation is the greatest strength you can learn to master in your field, no matter what it is. It’s your ability to stay on top of yourself and keep focused when others rely on an external presence. Most never master it as they are raised with the notion that if they are on the wrong track, someone will eventually let them know or help them get back on the right one but never choose to do much about it but wait. When they are waiting, they are losing valuable time that you are spending focused on what needs to get done. Remember you can’t always outsmart your competition, but you can always out work them. Your ability to remain motivated by yourself enables you to continue on working harder and longer than others and lets you stop at nothing until you are done.

When we think back of how we spend our day, can we honestly say that we operate at 100% in/out of work or do we go to that work mentality that let ourselves go right after we ve done just enough to get by? There is 24 hours in a day, try to think of how many hours you spend at work during the day, now subtract it from 24 as it is necessary and cannot change for now, then eliminate how many hours you should sleep in a night an subtract that as well, you should be left with about 6-10 hours depending on your allocation. Now ask yourself. What do you do with your 8 hours?

If you look at it this way, one could argue that you can take another full time job and double your income, others might say you have enough time to get to your own business started, and others might say that you just have enough time for fun but what you must ask yourself is, how are you using these hours to help you reach your goals? Are you motivated enough to even think as far as goals? Do you know where you need to be in 5 years and the sacrifices necessary today to get you there? Most of you will answer “yes” but will be divided into two categories: those that choose to do nothing about it and those that see everything as a challenge and give up.

When you think of self motivation, simply ask yourself “How much do I lie to myself?” If the answer is never then it is very easy for you to find something that interest you and remain focused, but in most cases the real answer is a lie “cause you are used to giving excuses to yourself for just about everything. Excuses are the reason most people never reach their goals, they first create circumstance that creates a world of impossible around them then follow through with surrounding themselves with others that believe in the same things, so they don’t feel so bad for their own failures.

Excuses turn motivation into poison and keep you from attaining what you want, so no matter how bad things may seem, do not give up on your hopes and dreams, simply accelerate your plan to get out of the misery first and overcome the minor setback that has been placed on yourself by you and create a world where what you dream is what you get, nothing less. Remember to pick those around you carefully as they are an influence greater than you can ever imagine, despite being silent at times.