Should Wealth Really Whisper?

In a recent article that mentioned Secret Entourage by Neil Patel, one of today’s top internet marketer, came about the topic of being rich vs wealthy. Neil brought up a good point that people are leveraging lifestyle a lot more these days in order to convince others of buying their products, services, or simply growing a following online. Since we have a high level of respect for Neil and his formidable track record as well as his online persona, we decided to create a response to that blog post. The question to really answer is: should wealth continue to whisper?

“Money Talks, but Wealth Whispers”

is an old saying that lives on in a few of us today. Those with money are known to always talk of money. While those with true wealth often talk of other things that don’t involve the discussions of money or how much they have of it. Does that rule still apply today and should it still continue to apply?

For those of you that follow us regularly, you know that we feature stories of some of today’s brightest young entrepreneurs and illustrate their stories with beautiful imagery of the lifestyle they live. As much as we focus the imagery on lifestyle, we certainly believe that innovation is the key to being recognized on our site, and not so much the acquisition of luxury lifestyle and the rewards of the chase. So why do we feature lifestyle?

Today’s business world is very different than the one we were in 5 years ago, and the dynamics of the game have changed significantly. Generation Y, whose biggest downfall is instant gratification, is the dominant generation. All the old business information available out there may still be accurate but far from inspiring. This new generation needs more than information, it needs information with a dose of motivation and inspiration attached to it in order to be understood and absorbed. This is why our stories feature lifestyle which indirectly is what most (we didn’t say all) younger peoples’ ambitions and aspirations are.

We agree with Neil that the internet these days is full of individuals leveraging lifestyle to get profits and show off rather than inspire others to reach for the impossible. Today it is a major part of a marketing ploy to sell the lifestyle rather than help others live or reach. It is unfortunate that society has come to that, and even more so when usually the people leveraging the lifestyle actually are not living it themselves. It is now more important than ever before for real millionaires and people, who truly are living the lifestyle, to speak up and show the rest that there are real and legitimate ways to make good money in the game of entrepreneurship.

More importantly it can help reconnect this new generation which is highly divided from its predecessors known as Generation X. A united culture of entrepreneurs working together to help bring back true innovation and change is much needed now more than ever. At Secret Entourage, the way we believe we can do that is by sharing the things that we have in common that we are passionate about. From innovation to travel, cars, watches, and more; we think we can help reconnect people to what matters the most: each other.

We certainly do believe that real wealth still whispers and that there are different levels of showcasing lifestyle and intentions behind doing so. Take a look at Tim Sykes, Millionaire Day Trader (success story coming soon), whose marketing techniques could look somewhat arrogant to some, but yet do wonders for attracting new students to his program. The real key here is that the quality of the content that Tim’s business sells is actually of quality and creates results. Regardless of what we or others believe in his way of living or the way he treats lifestyle, he certainly appeals to new members every day who like his boldness.

On the other hand, take Allen Wong, an admirable young millionaire entrepreneur whose background includes developing top Apps for iPhone and more. He, as an individual, is extremely humble and puts lifestyle in the background of what he does, rather than the forefront. Yet he still shares what he is passionate about with others, which to him is cars and family. His book Lifehacked, which we will be featuring in our store, has some great value in it and really educates its audience on what Allen Wong believes. Neil Patel himself shares a passion for watches from what we hear and enjoys spending lavish amounts on his AMEX Black Card for marketing, which is ok and an aspiration to those who follow him, respect him, and learn from him.

If the real lifestyle of those teaching does help inspire just one more person, then it was worth talking about because those that do teach and sell information that offers no real value, are already doing their best to win and pollute market share. It is important that in today’s generation of REAL entrepreneurs, we stay united and understand that there are also a million different businesses and ideas that we don’t all agree with. However, it is important to find that common ground to remind us that we are no different than one another. After all, we are entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators and appreciate sharing with others our achievements and accomplishments, but more importantly appreciate it when others notice us just a little more.