PUR Wheels – Project VERUS

There’s something inexplicably sinister about a black Lamborghini. Sure, you can point out the obvious Lambo design elements – the sharp edges, aggressive form, low profile, etc – but still there is a quality that cannot be defined as a single element, because it is the combination of all things Lamborghini that give the cars their devilish way.

On the Aventador, it starts with the heart. Twelve naturally aspirated cylinders pumping out 700 horsepower, wrangled in by a 7-speed gearbox modulating the power to the four wheels. Wrapped in a plethora of aluminum and carbon fiber, the body takes a shape that could only have been inspired from a stealth bomber.

The center exit exhaust helps the engine sing to the tune of over 8,500 RPM – and it’s good that it’s loud, because at full throttle you’ll have a far better chance of hearing the LP700-4 than seeing it. But in the rare instance when the car is driving slow or happens to be parked nearby, PUR Wheels has designed quite possibly the best wheel to compliment the imposing form of the LP700.

The PUR Design 4OUR Depth wheels finished in black with a grey lip compliment the Aventador so well we couldn’t get it on the site fast enough. Codenamed Project VERUS, PUR debuted the vehicle to their Facebook fans with an overwhelming response.

For more from the design masters at PUR, find them at PUR Wheels, on their Facebook, or their Flickr.