Should We Legalize Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana could be the solutions to many problems, it could put a halt on the drug wars of the Mexican border and it can help boost our economy by simply taxing users that want to buy it. The President’s take on legalizing Marijuana was “I don’t think legalizing marijuana is going to be the solution in helping us boost our economy” but the reality remains:

Our economy is in terrible shape and is not showing signs of improvement that are consistent. Lets look at what the stats are about Marijuana. It has close to 6.1 million users in the United States alone per month. Legalizing Marijuana would simply mean that those 6.1 M would now pay a tax for using it. The drug itself is not as intoxicating as alcohol or as health damaging as cigarettes but yet remains a taboo subject and remains looked at as highly illegal.

Beyond the US is Mexico, a country that recently has not seen peace. The drug wars along the Mexico/ USA border in Texas has become a very large and violent issue, with new dead bodies found almost daily as a result of cartel fighting and corruption. Legalizing marijuana would also end this as many people would no longer need to acquire this illegal substance from across the border and cartels would no longer fight on distributing the legal drug. As much as I want to believe that cartels would stop fighting once marijuana has been legalized, I cannot imagine that they would do so. I simply believe they would find alternative drugs and ways to push them across the border or would simply change their strategy and location.

From a legal standpoint marijuana might actually help bring down the amount of users using it. It has been proven in the past that when something is openly accessible, it is less likely to strike the curiosity of those new children that are not using it. The way we fix this problem is not related to legalizing marijuana but rather focused on education, in classrooms and by parents, which seems to have disappeared for the past few years but needs to come back quickly.

So finally my thoughts on legalizing marijuana…

It is my belief that despite the fact that legalizing a drug is not the best idea, it does remain in this case a very strong option to consider. Allow me to state my reasons.

  • It would increase profits in all states via taxes
  • It is already accessible to those that are using it, we just don’t make money
  • It would lower the violence across the border
  • It would break the amount of corruption temporarily
  • It may keep some from being curious

An finally, my last point. It is only in this country that we raise our kids to not fear anything or anyone and to stand up for themselves which unfortunately makes them believe they are invincible or that they are only one phone call away from help but the reality remains that legalizing marijuana should happen if it only helped limit the contact our kids have with individuals in the US that attain drugs the illegal way, these characters are often considered dangerous, will do anything for money and are of a terrible influence on our children. This alone is reason for me to think that legalizing marijuana is acceptable and worth it and is not only providing funding for our economy but also helping us keep our children safe.