2010 Mercedes E63 AMG

2010 mercedes e63 amg

Details of the engine are not too detailed with Mercedes-Benz only willing to divulge the car’s power figure of 386kW (525hp). Murmurs of “underpowered” were heard on many a fan’s lip when this figure was released because it clearly falls short of the Audi RS6’s 426kW (579hp). At this level of power the E63 AMG should only be able to face up to the new Jaguar XFR, not the RS6.

But Mercedes has declared that the power wars are over and it will now concentrate on fuel-efficiency rather than extreme performance. We can’t help wonder if BMW and Audi will be compliant for their next weapons of choice in this segment. Spy pictures have also revealed the E63 AMG Estate and both versions are expected to be officially unveiled at the same time during the 2009 Frankfurt International Motor Show in September.