Entourage Matters

hbo entourage

Who do you know? Who is in your entourage?

These two questions seem real simple to answer but reality remains that getting your entourage to look the part might be harder than you think and unfortunately will hold a big impact on your success.

Why is your entourage so important?

As seen on the famous HBO sitcom, Entourage is all about friends and their journey to success, but what is the main message behind the show, and how does it relate to this article? The show itself creates a blend of motivation and principle to show that a good entourage of friends is very important to your success and your fun, but it also shows that work/life balance and great friends will always help overcome life’s obstacles no matter how large they are.

Your entourage is a vital part of your success and very important for you growth. I think of it as your support system. Without a great support system, you cannot win. I am sure we are all aware that money makes money, and that connections and relationships are the core of a person’s success. That is exactly what your entourage does for you if you picked the right people to surround yourself with. If you want to be successful, you must assess who is around you and ask yourself two simple questions:

What can this person do for me? I understand that friends are friends but all have their value no matter how much you like them or connect with them. Sometimes value can exist in the form of emotions and trust, not necessarily have money associated with it. Is the person that is always with you in one way or another valuable to your success? What qualities do they bring to the table? Look at this as a marriage; you wouldn’t marry someone that can’t do anything for you?

Do you inspire to be like that person? We first determined that the people around you needed to be valuable to you in one way or another and now must look at the other type of people around you. The ones who are better than you. You need to have a few of these folks around as they make the greatest impact in your life. Being around people that have had more success than you drives you to work harder and gives you a taste of the better life, while providing you connections and or advice that has made them who they are. This type of person is very valuable and must be cherished and respected to ensure they find the relationship as valuable to them as it is to you.

Once you have established a real entourage that is valuable and critical to your success, keep them within reach and check back often, make sure that you utilize them well and often. Evaluate your goals and all the relationships you will need to be successful, and work your best to have the most influential people in your entourage.