1950 Panerai

The Officine Panerai 1950 collection is highly desirable and very limited compared to others in the Panerai line.

The Panerai 1950 is a very sought after collectible Panerai series. The 1950 line is available from 44mm all the way to 47mm and has many different bezel finishes from polished to Rose gold. Most have great features like the 8 day reserve, the date, chronograph features and GMT technology.

The Panerai 1950 line is the most expensive of the Panerai series as well, ranging from $11,000 all the way to $120,000 for the PAM 276. As with every Panerai, the Panerai 1950 watches have a following but unfortunately are very difficult to acquire and are very expensive which means that only a select lucky few will actually have one on their wrist. Those lucky enough to own a Panerai 1950 will treasure it and rarely wear it.

You can recognize the 1950 by simply locating the 1950 number located near the center of the black dial under the series name.

Available as the PAM203, PAM 276 (favorite) PAM212, PAM 275, PAM 276, PAM 289, PAM213, PAM233, PAM 217, PAM 127 and more.

We unfortunately do not have a Panerai 1950 available for sale but know of a few units available for immediate shipping and would be glad to put you in contact, simply contactus@secretentourage.com.