Modern Classics – Eagle E-Type

Many of you may remember my previous article about modern classics, which focused on the Singer 911. This month I want to take a look at another company who is putting a modern spin on an iconic vehicle, the Jaguar E-Type.

Located in the United Kingdom, Eagle has been dedicated to the bespoke “re-manufacture level” of the vehicle that Enzo Ferrari said was “the most beautiful car ever made” since 1982. Clearly Eagle’s hard work paid off. They have received applause from E-Type enthusiasts worldwide and have been nominated for a number of prestigious awards. Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson even voted Eagle’s E-Type as his “Car of the Century”.

But what makes the Eagle E-type so much better than buying a new Ferrari or Aston in the same price range? While the original E-Type in the 60’s was built to achieve speeds of 150mph, Eagle provides this capability with their own 4.7 Liter engine and 5-speed gearbox. To match the capabilities of modern exotics, Eagle employs race-developed suspension and braking systems with a subdued look that matches the 1960’s style and elegance.

Subtle design changes on the exterior of the Eagle E-Type help match the classic look with a modern flare. A lowered raked windscreen paired with a lowered floor pan allow for the driver to sit lower in the vehicle and get a better feel for the increased stiffness of the chassis. Widened rear wheel arches fit the longer track width and add an aggressive look to the streamlined body.

Aside from building E-Types with modern technology, Eagle also restores E-Types to factory specs and has a showroom in the UK that showcases some original unrestored models. If you live outside of the UK and want to take advantage of Eagle’s extensive stock of rare parts, they will immediately courier parts anywhere in the world – exclusively for their clients. Want to arrive to the showroom in style? Eagle even has space at their facility for you to land your helicopter.

Last but not least, Eagle has a fully equipped service center in the UK to take care of your every need. Since Eagle E-Types are built to the highest standard, their vehicles can be serviced internationally through classic car specialists and even Jaguar dealerships, and Eagle will ship any necessary parts directly to your service center.

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-The Ace