Secret Model – Caitlin Hixx

Another month, another beautiful woman and this time courtesy of acclaimed photographer Nino Batista who brings us Caitlin Hixx. Nino Batista had the pleasure of working with AutoDynamica and the amazing Ferrari Scuderia 16M. It only made sense for us to bring you this beautiful combination and tell you all more about Nino and his work. Enjoy these model shoots while they last…

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Secret Model – Jenna Part 3

Every Secret Entourage reader has seen the amazing Jenna grace our model section twice, one time with the almighty F430 and the second time with a stable of F40, LP640 and 599GTO.  This third time we are bringing you Jenna with an older Lamborghini Diablo.  What can we say, perfect combo, no?  This will be her last shoot here on Secret.  However for all you Jenna fans, don’t get discouraged, you can continue checking her out through her Facebook page.  Wishing her much success through her wonderful and beautiful career.  We will miss you Jenna!

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Secret Model – Anais

secret model anais

We aren’t huge bike guys here at Secret Entourage but we can appreciate anything made in Italy, such as the $30k Ducati 1199 Panigale S. Rather than bore you the specs of this stunning bike, meet the bikes companion, July’s Secret Model Anais. Shot by our good friend and professional photographer Ronnie Renaldi. Wallpaper sizes anyone?

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Secret Model – Leidy

After sharing with you one of the hottest model shoots of the unforgettable Beth last month, we figured this month we would turn things around with a much classier and sophisticated shoot, with our Secret Model Leidy.  This is a perfect combination that shows style and curves at the same time, which features the ADV1 S550 sitting on ADV8 wheels.  Photography and wardrobe provided by JQ Production.

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Secret Model – Beth

Introducing Beth, a Secret Model like none you’ve seen before.

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Secret Model – Mandi

secret model mandi

As always, we are fortunate to be bringing you new models, new exotics, and new photographers.  We were approached by Violet Mae Studios with an offer to bring you our next model of the month feature, and after browsing Scott’s work, we felt he deserved some recognition and here it is, bringing you April’s Secret Model Mandi with a Corvette ZR1. Continue Reading

Secret Model – Angelika

secret model angelika

March is finally here and spring is around the corner but Angelika is finally here and she is showcasing a one of a kind BMW M5. Ronnie Renaldi Photography once again delivers with some outstanding photography but for the first time ever on Secret Entourage gives us a glimpse of his highly modified M5. That’s right, the car pictured here actually belongs to the photographer and is built quite right. Angelika on the other hand is one of those European-like blondes you don’t see everyday, and you get to enjoy her beautiful features as our Secret Model of the month.

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