Secret Model – Caitlin Hixx

Another month, another beautiful woman and this time courtesy of acclaimed photographer Nino Batista who brings us Caitlin Hixx. Nino Batista had the pleasure of working with AutoDynamica and the amazing Ferrari Scuderia 16M. It only made sense for us to bring you this beautiful combination and tell you all more about Nino and his work. Enjoy these model shoots while they last…

Nino, tell us more about yourself and how you got into photography?

I grew up with photography, as my father was and still is a pro photographer (he is 64 now), who now specializes in luxury real estate shooting.   I have focused on glamour and exotic car photography for a few years now, having shot hundreds of cars in the past year alone, but also work with corporate portraits, industrial location and commercial advertising imagery.  I’m based in Houston, but will shoot anywhere for clients.

Tell us about your model?

Caitlin Hixx is from Houston, and is quite successful at what she does. She is sweet and very easy to work with. We have worked together on many shoots including this one as well as one where she is laying on a Ferrari 599GTB. Check out her site for more pics of her at

Whats does Autodynamica do?

Autodynamica Performance modifies, tunes, and repairs European exotic and luxury cars.  In their newly built multi-building facility, they also now offer high end paintwork, body work and have a showroom for exclusive pre-owned vehicles too.  We met through mutual friends, but I shoot for them on many occasions, and I shoot for many of their clients.   They are good friends of mine for a little over a year now. Make sure to check out their work at

So there you have it, Nino Batista illustrated through his amazing work. Please check out Nino’s awesome work and let us know what you like about his photography so we can make sure to feature more of him.

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