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Playing Life With a Different Zero – The Risk

In our last segment around playing life with a different zero, we introduced you to the idea of playing the game of making money regardless of how many zeros are at the end of your portfolio. Today, we look at the difference between those that play and those that don’t play at all and how the greatest risk of it all is not risking anything to begin with.

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Different Expectations

I find myself wondering sometimes about what must go through peoples heads on a day to day basis when they are dealing with themselves and reflecting on who they are. It is often true that at some point or another, just about anyone will go through some sort of self reflection phase, looking back at actions and outcomes that have occurred, and what life would look like if certain events or plans had gone differently. This is often what leads people to buying themselves a Porsche or Corvette at the age of 40 thinking it will be the miracle cure that will change things, when in reality it is their way to distract their own minds from remembering the amount of poor choices they’ve made. It is after all called a mid-life crisis, and not the celebration of a new sport car.

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Top Tuner Shops in The World – Part 2

Last month we brought you part 1 of the top tuner shops in the world. This month we go through part 2 bringing you some of the best of Japan to the builders of some of today’s fastest Lamborghinis and without forgetting that one company who unfortunately lost their founder to a kidnapping. Continue Reading

Nutek Wheels – Higher Excellence

Wheel companies all offer wheels but they all hold their very own standard for differentiating themselves from their competitors. Our friends at Nutek are no different with outstanding designs and clean projects, guaranteed to give any car a clean and fresh look. Since their pictures are not all over the place, we decided to compile some of our favorite rides from their collection.

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Brand Positioning 101

Positioning owns a variety of definitions. It exists in military settings, business settings, and marketing settings. Positioning can mean the way you place a chess piece. Positioning can mean the way you set your company up in the market. Positioning can mean the way you promote your brand.

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ADV1 Wheels – The Beard

In 2008, ADV1 didn’t exist nor did the re-invention of the concave wheel. Instead a different company owned by Jordan by the name of 360 Forged had emerged, slowly taking over the wheel industry with amazing wheel designs but more importantly had done what no other wheel company had so far, which was bringing an amazing lifestyle feel to their projects through the lens of one man’s camera. Today as ADV1 leads the wheel industry to new heights, they do so by capturing each, and every one of their vehicles through that same lens.

The man behind the lens became known as “The Beard” and today we share with you how one man re-invented the world of automotive photography as Top Gear re-invented car reviews. Meet William Stern, the man behind the lens of some of today’s most amazing automotive photography…

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The Beginning of The End for Fisker?

The past 10 years have marked the beginning of a period of unavoidable change in the automotive industry. We have been ushered into an age of fright. Governments, corporations, scientists and others in power positions are adamant that we are running out of fossil fuels and need to come up with ways to both maximize efficiency and come up with all new ways to power the vehicles that move us.

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