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In 2009 and 2010 Secret Entourage used a series of very talented photographers to bring you superb models and exotic cars. In 2011 we bring you SNAPSHOT, the latest addition to the Secret Entourage Team as our official photographer. SNAPSHOT brings a lot of experience in photography and has already done a great job with the Lexi Fortune shoot, as well as the Rossion pictures you have all come to love, but he will be capturing some amazing models and cars for 2011; which we will introduce in due time.  Here is more on who SNAPSHOT really is and a preview of some sexy new models for 2011…

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Pepper, I’m a 20 year old that currently lives in Oklahoma, but loves the beach. Ironic isn’t it? I’ve been involved with technology and anything that comes with it since I was a little kid. I was building my own computers at 10 years old, and couldn’t get enough of anything that had to with computers. However, I’m not your typical computer nerd — I’m an adrenaline junkie down for just about anything. I love to go out and network with new people and make solid friendships/connections.

Tell us about your work?

Pepper Perfect focuses on mainly photography, however we’re recently putting major focus on developing our video production. We specialize in on-location photography. I’m the main photographer and I have a couple assistants that I call in on our larger shoots. We also have a programmer/designer that helps us with any website design or utility creation we need. My favorite areas of photography are Portraiture/Automobile/Advertising.

How did you get into photography?

Pretty simple, my brother bought a nice SLR at the time, a Canon 30D I believe — I thought it was really cool. I went out and bought a Canon Rebel XTI and just started messing around with it. I’ve never taken a photography or design class — I prefer and strongly suggest every photographer learns by trial and error. It gives you room to learn while constantly injecting your own creative twists and visions, not being forced to stick to a “guideline” of how your work should look. I continued to mess around with photography on and off, never took it seriously until I was randomly offered a decent amount of money to take some band photos. That’s what sparked my now insatiable drive to create and prosper with my own photography company/brand.

Where did the name Pepper Perfect come from?

My first stab at creating a photography business was very relaxed and was more a move out of boredom. It was “Photography by Pepper”. After barely pursuing that, and only taking a few jobs I stopped doing it as I was distracted with several other things going on in my life at the time. (Being a typical teenager I suppose). After I really sat down and looked at where I wanted to take my talent — I decided I needed to rebrand and really give 110% at a new photography company. The name “Pepper Perfect” really just came from a 10 or so minute brainstorm. Picture Perfect is a commonly known phrase, and I just switched my name out. The fact that it goes together perfectly is just lucky… or is it fate?!

Tell us why you are “Snapshot”?

My character of Snapshot is really just my business personified. There’s a big difference between taking a picture, and creating a picture. I create a snapshot of how I believe a moment in time should really look, and how it would make you feel if you were to be experiencing it in person. My main goal with my images is to create an emotional connection between you and what is going on in the picture. That’s what will guarantee people to like my work, and keep them coming back for more.

What does Secret Entourage mean to you?

That’s easy. Secret Entourage is THE life. It’s more than just cars, money, and women — it’s about freedom. There are people that wish for things all their life, and there are people that make the decision to chase their dreams. However, you don’t chase your dreams blindly; you need to do your research and really figure out how to get there. I believe Secret Entourage is your one-stop shop for not just the motivation and picturesque display of what success brings, but how to adjust your perspective and mindset in order to reach success for yourself. Everyone is all about getting rich quick, instantaneous gratification. Secret Entourage is about realizing there is no get out of jail free card — you need to put the work into yourself and what you do to become successful.

Which business area do you wish to grow further in?

I am actively pursuing other business ventures besides just Pepper Perfect. My programmer and I have already started a web app company and are currently working on the new version while I’ve been networking and assessing our possible clients. I’m extremely excited about it’s possibilities and where it might take not just me, but Pepper Perfect in turn.

Where do the next 5 years take you?

Nowhere but up — whether that’s with Pepper Perfect or my other business, I continue to do my homework and put my work in. It’d be nice to know where I’ll be in 5 years, but honestly I don’t care too much — I’m focusing on the things at hand and what I need to get done. I know that working together with Secret Entourage will be a huge boost for Pepper Perfect, because we have a unique and symbiotic relationship. Providing each other amazing quality content and opportunities.

What motivates you?

Freedom to do what I want when I want.

Favorite Quote?
Time is the true form of wealth.

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