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It seems these days that anyone can start a business, but not everyone can stay in business; introducing the team at RRT Racing. Barry, Matt, Adam James and Todd took a few minutes to talk to us about their business, cars and why teamwork is their secret solution to winning.

RRT racing, DC metro’s leading BMW specialist understands what it takes to be successful and delivers on their promise of being the best everyday. RRT racing’s main business model is to build BMW race cars, and street cars for their customers but their advantage remains their passion for BMW and racing.

RRT racing team

They are highly involved in the racing area and know it better than others, their business consists of building race cars, selling parts and performing just about any type of maintenance you need for your BMW. Despite the hard recession that is now soon ending. RRT Racing has done a great job staying afloat and moving the business forward.

– What makes Road Race Technologies (RRT) racing successful?

RRT focuses on two things:  Performance and customer service.  By targeting these two areas, we earn every customer’s trust through our proven advice, high-value services, and results on the street and on the track.

– What is the hardest part of having partners in a business?

Being owned by a few partners, there are going to be disagreements on small things, but we are on the same page on the overall direction of the company.  The biggest challenge we face as a collective group is deciding what is the top financial priority. Financial resources are always scarce when you set up a business, and therefore finding ways to create an agreement and making correct decisions collectively eventually leads to financial freedom.

RRT racing

– Why did you start RRT?

The founders of RRT Racing believed there was not a place in the DC area for BMW enthusiasts to go for their performance needs.  We wanted to create that haven that the locals could feel a part of and not worry if their needs would be taken care of.  Plus we needed a reason to race more. In other words we combine our passion and hobby into our daily work and provide a unique approach to our customers.

– Why do your customers love you?

We cut through the BS and give them the straight answers, but also care for their car as if it was our own.  As a business this philosophy does not maximize our margins, but it creates good word-of-mouth and a loyal customer base.  By offering them unique care and services, I believe we will be better off in the long run.  As an example of an unique service, RRT Racing is the only shop with our advanced BMW suspension knowledge and testing equipment in the mid-atlantic.

– What is the hardest part of working for yourself?

Working for yourself, particularly when it relates to a personal passion, makes concentrating on a singular project difficult.  You want to try to get everything done at once, but there is never enough time to do it all.

– Tell us about your blue race car, nd your new  white car?

The blue #19 car started life as a 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight.  It was a very limited production street car that was quickly converted into a race car in the late 90’s.  Since that time it has been owned and raced by Andy Watts.  In 2005 RRT racing rebuilt the race car from the ground-up and it has evolved from there into its current state.  This car has countless lap records and overall wins in club racing including the 2008 NASA GTS National Championship.  It is powered by a built s54 motor from an e46 M3 that puts out over 400 HP and the car weights in at less than 2500 pounds.

BMW car with hot models

The white #21 car came off the lot of Tischer BMW in Silver Spring in January of this year as a brand new 328i.  In the 90 days that followed delivery, it was converted into a Grand-Am Koni Challenge ST car.  The car has already competed in several of these professional races that have been broadcasted around the country on the SPEED channel The car has finished in competitive positions in all of the 2.5 hour endurance races so far this season.  Unlike the #19 car, this car is in a class that allows far less modification, and relies more on the RRT talent of suspension engineering.

RRT racing pit stop practice

– How do you make sure you are growing despite other shops closing in this recession?

I think that goes back to the earlier question.  By keeping focused on customer service and providing them value, you keep the clients happy and they tell their friends.  Many people see the economic client as worrisome, we see it as an opportunity to build business and keep these enthusiast’s passion on the road or on the track.

Thanks to the entire team at RRT Racing for giving us an opportunity to look inside their business and share their success story with our readers. We wish them the best for the rest of 2009 and hope that any BMW fanatic will check them out at