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360 forged

At Secret Entourage, we recently at the chance to talk to the President of 360 Forged about business, vision, family and passion.

We chose 360 Forged because we believe that not only has 360 Forged redefined the wheel customization game, but they have done so using one of the best business model we have ever seen. They came out of nowhere, and are now looked at as one of the best performance wheel you can put on your car.

So what makes 360 Forged successful?

Meet Jordan Swerdloff, President of 360 Forged.

360 forged

For those of us living under a rock, What is 360 forged and your brand all about?

360 Forged is a company based on high quality, low volume 3 piece forged wheels.  Our main focus is to manufacture the highest quality, best performing, and best looking 3 piece forged wheels on the market today.  All of the products used from the metal, to the paint are of the highest quality available.  We perform all of the work in house at our 6000 sq. ft. facility in Miami, FL.  360 Forged is also the pioneer who developed our patent pending CF5ive, forged aluminum / carbon fiber wheel.  A process that has never been done before which blends the strength of carbon fiber, with the structure and style of forged aluminum.

Our goal is to focus on low volume, exotic wheels based on performance and style.  No “bling bling” heavy cheap wheels, only the best for mainly exotic vehicles.  We will continue to keep this focus in mind as we continue to grow and move forward as trend setters in the automotive industry.

360 forged

Tell us more about your product and what makes it so desirable.

360 Forged wheels are tested for vehicles which exceed 200+ mph, and over 1000hp.  These numbers are not out of reach to our clientele, so we need to be sure that our wheels can hold up to the challenge.  Our wheels are used on race tracks, both track, and drag strips by ourselves and customers alike.  We only use 60/61-t6 forged aluminum metals, along with titanium fasteners, and lightweight rim halves.  Each wheel is individually balanced to ensure a straight and true runout under 10 thousandths.  They’re sealed with a 72 hour curing process which ensures that no leaks will form over time.  The wheels are all tire pressure monitoring system compatible and can be built to suit nearly any application, size, and finish.

360 forged

So it seems that you have envisioned a strong brand and have some great products. How was 360 Forged born?

I’ve been in the automotive industry since I was around 16, always with a strong passion for wheel design, and technology.  I knew the wheel business was difficult, but something that I wanted to be a part of.  I guess I had a strong passion for exotic cars, and exotic wheels which eventually drove me to learn the business and manufacturing end, and in turn start 360 Forged.

What makes your business model successful?

I think what makes 360 most successful is my and my staffs mutual passion for exotic cars, and wheel designs.  That passion shows through into the wheel designs and the companies image.  The marketing obviously has a lot to do with it, but that marketing quality is a direct result of the quality of our products.

360 forged

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to see 360 Forged as one of the leaders in the wheel industry, not necessarily the biggest as I have no interest in becoming a huge company, but to remain a trend setter for others to follow.  We’re confident that we have the staff and the skill to be the best, and we’ll keep working 24 hours a day to get there.  This business, like any business is very difficult and every day we are faced with obstacles, but no matter what I keep pushing and my staff is always behind me.  The company has grown immensely since the beginning only 2 years ago, from a small 900 sq. ft. warehouse to a fully operational 6000 sq. ft. facility with a staff of over 20 employees.  As time goes on we will continue to grow steadily with the release of new products, services and finishes.  We’re developing new products constantly which will continue to re-invent the wheel!

360 forged

What motivates you to succeed?

Competition motivates me to win.  Every day I see new wheel companies popping up, and existing companies trying to emulate our marketing tactics.  This is what keeps us going, and keeps me motivated to develop new products and ideas.  Keep it up guys : )

Tell our readers about all your toys, and what you have done to them?

360 forged

My favorite question : )  Well, I’ll start from the bottom to the top:
’08 Range Rover Sport – bone stock, for the baby and the wife.

’07 Mercedes CLS63 AMG – Full custom exhaust, 150 shot NOS setup with av gas fuel cell, purge, warmer, 360 Forged Straight 5ive, mid 11 second sedan.

360 forged mercedes

’08 Porsche 997 Turbo – Full custom exhaust, intake, BOV, methanol, 125 shot NOS, mid 10’s@134xx, 360 Forged SL10 20″

360 forged porsche

’05 Ferrari F430– Novitec exhaust, Gruppe M intake, EvoMS ECU, lowered, 360 Forged Straight 5ive carbon, no cats!

360 forged ferrari

’08 Corvette Z06 – Full exhaust and headers, 150 shot NOS, Corsa exhaust, K&N intake, tune, 360 Forged Mesh 8 20″

360 forged z06

What advice do you have for anyone else wanting to start their own business?

Be prepared for a lot of struggle, and sleepless nights but in the end it’s usually worth it.  The ones who succeed are the ones who don’t give up no matter how hard it is.

Your favorite saying/quote?

M.I.H. :  This is what we say at the office, Make It Happen – meaning do whatever you have to do, don’t ask questions and get it done.

Thank you to Jordan for taking the time to share his story and journey.

For anyone interested in purchasing/getting info on 360 Forged wheels

Please contact 360 Forged directly @
12385 SW 129CT #12, Miami FL 33186
305-255-5166 Phone or 305-255-5446 Fax