Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 7 – The Ultimate Driving Machine

2012 is finally here and that means project M6 will come to an end as we make room for our newest project car. For this final month, we will be focusing on the changes that our car went through performance wise. We reached out to Vivid Racing for a Meisterschaft GT2 Race Exhaust with Oval tips. We had previously picked up a round tip version of the same exhaust but never got to install it as we were offered $500 more than we paid for it. Left with no exhaust, we reached out to Vivid Racing and took one of their last GT2 exhausts at a very reasonable price.

The labor on the exhaust was performed by our local BMW dealer at 1.5 hours for right under $250 and the entire dealership agreed that it sounded very good when done. Aesthetically, the exhaust is beautiful and the oval tips make the world of a difference, so we recommend them regardless of which model you go for. From a sound perspective we expected more, and despite leaving our resonators on, we still felt it sounded quiet for a race exhaust but we kept hearing from everyone how loud and spirited it sounded from the outside. It is extremely loud after 5000 rpm and truly sounds its best under wide open throttle in M mode. From inside the car, you hear no drone and no rattling which makes for a quality exhaust in our opinion.

Performance wise the exhaust delivers big with increased throttle response through the entire power band as well good torque gains in higher RPMs. Either way, this exhaust is a must for any M6 owner. Despite all the reviews out there saying its extremely loud, we still think it is loud enough when driven spirited but docile enough to drive through a neighborhood.

We recently sold our BMW M6 for about $46,000, which means that by our definition, this fully modded M6 earned us about $200 a month for the past 11 months. Make sure to pick up a copy of How to Drive an Exotic Car and Get PAID for details on how you can do the same with any car.

We included this video for you to be the judge of the exhaust as we say goodbye to our M6 beast…

Join us next month as we conclude Project “Silver Bullet” and say our goodbyes to our M6 showing you the final cost of ownership.

We want to thank all the sponsors who put in a lot of hard work in making this project a reality. Make sure to visit their sites and get your own gear for your M6.

D2 Forged Wheels

Vivid Racing

Pirelli Tires

Euro Koncepts

Circle BMW

AO Wheels Detailing