Top Tuner Shops in the World – Part 1

Owning a tuning shop is no joke and as some of these next shop owners will tell you, it takes time to identify your brand with some of today’s hottest car makes and models. Many took over ten years to become the worldwide accepted powerhouses they are today. We identified 10 of the best tuning shops in the world based on the following categories; general public acceptance for being an automotive authority, past and current project cars, branding, and finally partnerships with other authorities. Here are our top 10 tuners in no particular order…

Platinum Motorsport

The name says it all. An uncompromising desire to create the best in exotic and luxury automobiles lead brothers George and Jack Keshishyan to establish Platinum in 1997. In 2006, Platinum gained public momentum by winning season one of MTV’s “Trick it Out”. Their client list stretches to every corner of the world, serving makes ranging from BMW to Bugatti. A Platinum Motorsports car is a serious piece of precious metal.

SR Auto Group

With a clear mission to focus on the automobile as a piece of art, SR Auto Group has been consistently improving on this vision in the luxury market for over a decade. Every vehicle for every client is approached as a unique canvas, with the goal to create the best piece of rolling art possible. Beyond their cars, their luxury boutique demonstrate a passion for the visually appealing luxury lifestyle. “Different is an understatement.” Make sure to read more on SR Auto Group’s rise to success: Secret to Success – Tony Yuen

EVS Motors

Originally specializing as classic car customizers, EVS Motors has quickly evolved into a powerhouse of automotive tuning for all makes and models. Entering their eighth year since being established in 2004, EVS’s client list is nothing short of impressive for both their native Texans and customers abroad. How was EVS born? Find out more about Ted Nguyen’s rise to success: Secret to Success – Ted Nguyen

Jotech Racing

It’s no secret that we think the Nissan GT-R is not only the best car under 100 grand, it’s one of the best cars on the planet. But what if you want to make your GT-R even faster, lighter, sharper, and stronger than it already is from the factory? Look no further than Jotech Motorsports. Of course, the very best in GT-R tuners are nothing short of spectacular with other makes and models as well. Whether it’s a Mitsubishi EVO or a Bentley Continental GT, Jotech will turn it up to 11. Look out for more about the masterminds behind Jotech Racing in the upcoming months.


Sold in over 50 countries through an expansive worldwide distribution network, iForged wheels have been consistently gaining momentum since being founded by Vincent Wong in 2001. Their wheels have been featured on some of the more notable showstoppers in the past decade, including the first Veilside RX-7 brought into the US and the insanely cool green Porsche TechArt 997 GT. We love seeing their wheels cars at tradeshows like Tokyo Auto Salon and SEMA in Las Vegas – it’s a safe bet that iForged will be front-runners in the wheel industry for years to come. Despite being a wheel manufacturer, Iforged is well know for some of today’s best project builds and therefore made the list. Read all about the Entrepreneur that started iForged: Secret to Success – Vincent Wong

Join us next month as we unveil part 2 of the “Top 10 Tuner shops”

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