Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 6 – Detail Time

Project “Silver Bullet” is only 3 phases away from being fully complete and sold, so it made sense to give the car a major detail makeover since its being daily driven. Since the car has now been moved to our Palm Beach headquarters, it is going to see very limited snow but corrosion and heat will be our primary issues. To protect our project, we had to call on Secret Entourage sponsor AOWheels to get us the best possible detail and protection for our investment. Brian Guy is the owner of AOWheels and made a personal commitment to this project by coming out himself to take care of our beast.

Here is a detailed write up of what happened to our BMW M6 during 8 hours of detailing.

Exterior Steps Taken:

* Citrus Wash
* Clayed
* Iron-X treatment
* Swissvax, 1 Step “Medium” Machine Polish
* Swissvax, Cleaner Fluid Treatment
* Waxed “Swissvax Shield”
* Wheels Protected “JetSeal 109″
* “Glossy Tire Dressing” Swissvax Pneu
* Rain-X

Interior Steps Taken:

* Vacuum
* Leather Cleaned
* Leather Conditioned “Leather fat Elephant Museum formula”
* Vinyl Protection “303 Aerospace Protection”
* Motor Cleaned and Dressed

This detail started with the 21″ D2Forged Monoblock in Glossy Gun Metal. Using just soapy water and DI, we used E-Z brush to reach inside the wheels and Swissvax Wheel brush for sides that show. This was all that was needed for the wheels.  The wheels were later protected with JetSeal 109. We allowed the Jet Seal to stand on the wheels for over an hour before removing.

(Before) Pic of wheel

Once the wheels, tires, and wheel wells were completely cleaned, the “Silver Bullet” then got a Citrus bath to break up and remove any of the old LSP (Last Step Product). During the wash the car was lightly clayed using Swissvax Paint Rubber to remove oxidation and other contaminates from the vehicles clear coat.

While the car was still wet before drying, Iron-X was then used mostly around the side markers, emblems, and lightly misted shots over the rest of the vehicle. Iron-X is a safe and very effective product for removing iron fillings from the vehicles clear coat. Much like clay, it works excellent in the harder to reach areas. The product has a chemical reaction and turns purple in color as it eats away at the metallic particles that had adhered to the paint surface.

The arrow is showing the change of color in the picture above and showing the product doing its work in a difficult area to clean. It’s safe and effective as well as cuts down on clay time. The Iron-X was left on the car for about 5-6 minutes then thoroughly rinsed off to finish up on the wash process. “Silver Bullet” then was dried using waffle weave drying towels before moving on to the engine detail.

No harsh degreasers were used for the engine, just soft brushes with soap and water and a nice rinse! After the rinse, this beast V10 then got blow dried and then dressed with 303 Aerospace protection! Being sure to get all the rubber trim and hoses fed and nourished to prevent any dry rot, as well as a good cleaning on the underside of the bonnet.

Now “Silver Bullet” is pretty clean and prepped for its polish and protection! For this enhancement detail the car was given a 1 step machine polish with Swissvax Medium Cleaner Fluid to remove any minor scratches and get the color to pop a bit. After the machine polish the car was then wiped down with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular (by hand) to remove any residues and ready the paint for its Swissvax Shield wax protection! Great protection for cars that get driven on a regular basis and driven hard!

The interior received a spot shampoo and thorough vacuum as well as a deep leather clean and condition. To my belief the car benefited the most from this part of the detail. The seats being black and once previously owned made for about 2 hours of this detail, but was much needed. All the leather after cleaned was protected with Elephant fat Museum formula, a great leather care product that refreshes and protects as well as helping the material stay breathable. All other vinyls and painted areas were protected with 303!

A great write up by our friend Brian, make sure to check out AOWheels for all your detailing needs and Swisswax products.

Stay tuned next month as we bring you a full breakdown of performance, sound, and overall beast power…