PUR Wheels x SR Auto – Written In The Stars

It’s not everyday we witness perfection in automotive tuning and certainly not everyday we witness cars of this caliber. SR Auto Group has always been an advocate for redefining perfection, but this time SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels have outdone themselves with Project SETARO. Read more about what the guys at PUR Wheels had to say about it…

sr auto group project setaro

When was the last time you saw a Murcielago, or better yet the last time you saw a chameleon colored LP670-SV? We are pretty sure isn’t going to become common anytime soon. This particular LP670-SV redefined the heritage of the Lamborghini marquee and SR & PUR made sure that they redefined perfection once more with a set of PUR 2WO wheels which were carefully chosen in a matte finish after multiple renderings were done. The concaves fit the LP670-SV’s body perfectly for a flush fitment.

sr auto group project setaro

We were lucky to catch up with Kevin Qi of PUR Wheels to tell us all about how they helped SR Auto bring this project to life. Many people will believe that putting wheels on a car is as easy as selecting and being done with, but those of us that know car tuning will tell you that it is far from simple and requires paying close attention to the vehicles existing design elements as well as ensuring purpose and functionality remain intact.

sr auto group project setaro

Kevin, who owns the car and how did you guys at PUR get linked in to this project? Is that the only one in that color worldwide?

This is #100/350 and it belongs to a client of SR Auto Group. From what I’ve been told, this is the second color transformation it has gone through since 2010.   When we saw its wild, new chameleon skin, we couldn’t resist contacting SR to see how we can make this something truly epic.

Unfortunately, at the time, new shoes were not in the client’s plans for his SV.  As usual, my pastime involves rendering wheels on anything and everything. I was doing casual renders of our monoblock and the upcoming 3pc collection on the SV.  I just thought it would be good teaser and fired them off to Cyrus (Director of Sales) at SR to get his reaction.

Literally, 10 minutes later, I get a phone call and Cyrus he tells me the wheels are a go!

sr auto group project setaro

You said several renderings were done before choosing the 2WO design for the SV, what other designs were considered and what eventually made you go with the mesh design?

The decision to go with the 2W0 monoblock wheel was based on its complex face design and weight. We wanted to set it off against the eccentric color and the race-ready body styling of the SV.

sr auto group project setaro

When unique vehicles like this come across, who has the final say on the project? SR, PUR or the client?

In regards to the final decision, I have to say that working with SR, it is always a unique case.  Majority of their clientele provide them with full creative control, and this just makes sense.  They have impeccable style, and I think with their reputation, clients have that confidence to drop their keys off and expect to pick-up a piece of artwork.

On our end, we provide our professional opinion in terms of a tailored fitment and finish. We entrust the style choice to our dealers.

sr auto group project setaro

Make sure to read more about the incredible entrepreneurs behind SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels.

Check them out at PUR Wheels, Facebook,  & Flickr.

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Made $9,000 in Profit

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