Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 4 – Wheels & Tires

Last month we brought you the list of quick and easy mods we were able to find for our Project M6.  This month we dedicate the entire month to bringing you the 411 on our quest for the right wheels and tires. Wheels and tires make or break any project, or any car for that matter, and are the most important modification you can do to a car. There are two main elements that go to play when picking wheels: functionality and design, which must match the car’s characteristics in order to be a huge improvement over the factory spec wheels which despite often not being the prettiest, are the most functional.

We first tried to find a cheap and easy route to the whole wheels and tire thing by visiting Craigslist and Ebay and found some great deals on 22″ wheels and ended up with an old but decent set of Klass Forged wheels, one of many wheel companies that went out of business quickly but none the less a great deal at $2000 with fairly new tires. We used the wheels and tires and got a great look but at the cost of vibrations and issues with rubbing left and right. The wheels (shown above) looked great but simply had no functionality.

Then came the time to call Derrick at D2 Forged and talk to him about why we should work together again. After our Aston Martin Project Heaven, it simply made good sense to go that route and come up with a plan of action. D2 Forged already has a great reputation with the BMW M6 and concave wheels as well as their trackpack wheels have been fitted before. In case you didnt notice, we do not like to do anything that has been done before or that has been trended by another project.

We came to the conclusion that we needed styling but we also needed functionality which wasn’t there with our previous setup.

We settled with the MB1, the sexy mesh monoblock, as it is a great look and lightweight enough to remain functional with our car. We decided to move forward with a 21″ MB1 D2 Monoblock in gloss gunmetal with a machined pin stripe giving it a classic OEM look but better. Just like the right suit, the right wheel is also about fitment and hence why high line wheels are so much more expensive as they are made to spec rather than being too narrow, ec.

In this particular case, the fitment was king and really filled the fenders to perfection making our project come to life. Well you get the idea from the pics…