Rolls Royce Ghost Test Drive

rolls royce ghost

They say people live life and don’t experience the true pleasures of the finer things out there that make life unique and enjoyable. They also say that some will live on to get old and never know what its like to own or drive an exotic car or live in a multi-million dollar mansion…

For those of us that have the pleasure of knowing that finer lifestyle or choose to not accept anything less, comes a very new and unique experience called: Ghost.

rolls royce ghost clock

Formerly referred to as the 200EX Concept, the new Ghost is finally here and it’s quite an experience.  We drive quite a high number of exotics at Secret Entourage, from being invited to launch events, private test drives or simply looking for new toys to add to our collection, so it takes a lot for us to really be engaged with a car as we have pretty much seen and driven everything out there.

This was however a bit different as the Ghost changed my perspective on many things including how much I would spend on a car.

rolls ryoce ghost grille

One wonders why they call it the Ghost. It could be that the Spirit of Ecstasy magically disappears when you try to steal it, or that its twin turbo V12 makes you magically get to your destination without a sound or worry, or perhaps the fact that the commands inside follow your every touch before even being pressed. The reality is that everything about this car is sleek and ghost like but yet so refined, that it only makes sense to call it a Ghost as the smaller counterpart to its big brother, the Rolls Royce Phantom.

We had the pleasure to experience the new Rolls Royce Ghost, thanks to our friends at Rolls Royce of North America and Euro Motorcars of Washington DC. The first element that comes jumping at you is the fact that the car resembles its Phantom counter part quite a bit, but yet is nothing like it. It’s much smaller but doesn’t seem smaller, its more refined but yet seems as bulky, its less luxurious but you couldn’t tell the difference but yet the execution is so much better and more practical than the Phantom.

rolls royce ghost side

The exterior is about the same size as the new BMW 7 series, but a bit taller in height. The signature Rolls Royce grille jumps at you and so does its guardian right on top referred to as the Spirit Of Ecstasy. The headlights also command attention with their LED display and are quite similar to the Rolls Royce Drophead which gives the car a bit of a sportier feel. The weighted wheel insignia are also found on this model making sure the Rolls Royce brand is never mistaken even when you are driving at over a 100 mph.

rolls royce ghost suicide doors

rolls royce ghost dash

When the suicide doors open, you get a beautiful view of the interior, which is where the car really shines, full of luxurious fabric all put together by hand but also full of technology and gadgets to keep you busy for hours. The carpet is fur, the seats actually massage you correctly and $600 umbrellas are there sitting in the door, just like in the Phantom.

rolls royce ghost umbrella

roll royce ghost interior

The brand new V12 found in the Rolls Royce Ghost is smooth, responsive and quite powerful, giving you a very quiet but entertaining driving experience. The Ghost’s suspension is very smooth which is one of its down falls as it seems to float everywhere. This level of luxury is great but can get boring if you are a true car enthusiast like us, yet again that not why you are buying a Rolls Royce so its really irrelevant.

rolls royce ghost

A brand new V12 twin turbo, a sleek exterior and an interior suited for a king does not make me change my perspective on cars, so what really made me connect with this car?

Success is very subjective to perspective, as its measured differently through everyone’s eyes. It appears in different levels to different people, so not all will agree that someone driving an exotic car is successful or someone owning their own business is but the majority will respect the success of the person driving a Ferrari or Bentley as it’s a widely accepted fact that you need a certain level of money to buy and own such cars. When we originally drove the Phantom a few years back, we were driven to our destinations and rarely would get to experience the reaction of the crowds around us as we arrived. The Rolls Royce Ghost on the other hand does give you the ability to see people’s reactions as you drive it, and unlike many cars that we’ve driven prior, it commands attention and respect no matter whose perspective is taken in consideration. We know they call it the Ghost, but I promise you that there is nothing Ghost like about your arrival, it is simply the icon of success and it lets everyone know you are too.

rolls royce hood ornament

A big thank you to our friend Bobby DiCesaro from Euro Motorcars of Washington DC for inviting us over to test drive and experience the Ghost, Lisa Ray and Alyssa Bartashy from Rolls Royce Corporate for showing us all the cool features and looking lovely :)

Make sure to contact Bobby DiCesaro to get more information on the brand new Rolls Royce Ghost.

Euro Motorcars of Washington DC / Rolls Royce Division @ 888-707-4422