From Don’s Desk – Why Secret Entourage?

I received a nice email from a loyal reader the other day who asked me a very genuine question about “Why did I start Secret Entourage?” I felt like the answer was something that everyone perhaps would enjoy reading about as it might change your perception once again. Before I answer, I want you as an entrepreneur to think about legacy and ask yourself: What will you be remembered for should you die tomorrow?

I often coach students on a 1 on 1 basis and they often tell me they feel lost, or they haven’t found their purpose. Some love their lives, others really hate it. I, myself, used to have my moments when I really didn’t feel like my accomplishments were related to the purpose I felt I should serve. I solved my own issue a few years ago when I overheard two people I didn’t know talk about me at a local bar without even knowing I was standing right next to them, which I felt was very comical at the time but really made me think later that evening. They were talking about my car collection at the time and were throwing around different ideas on how I must have made my money. I let their imagination go wild and never intervened in their conversation.

Later that night as I was just sitting there, I asked myself:

What if I died tomorrow, what will I be remembered for?

The answer was not pleasant at all but true and made me think that despite all the good I have done, all the people I have coached in my Corporate America career, or all the amazing success I have enjoyed as an entrepreneur / investor, is my legacy overshadowed by my car collection?

The answer as I said was unpleasant and it brought me to rethink my life as of that day and ask myself: “What do I want to be remembered for?”

I then thought that my greatest impact on society was the ability to coach, motivate and change peoples’ thinking. Having been very successful at it for years and years with 5-10 people each year, I decided to take it to the next level and looked for a way to reach more than just 10 people per year. I then decided to start Secret which at the time was nothing more than a very basic blog with great content around motivation, money and lifestyle. The idea however changed significantly when I realized that those in need of the most guidance were those that were of my same generation which is Generation Y. I felt like our generation was often at a disadvantage as we are an extremely talented and capable generation but due to the previous generations who were very traditional, the majority of us were set up to fail by our parents, teachers or relatives who simply shared with us their paths and often traditional venues to success. These venues included getting an education, working for the same company 30 years or starting a traditional retail business. Their thinking ended there and unfortunately for the most part their knowledge was limited and their beliefs in concepts they hadn’t seen (Facebook, Twitter or online business) non-existent.

You see, many of us, if not all of us are born with potential but our circumstances and thinking is what keeps us from executing on everything we dream of which is why I started Secret Entourage. Secret Entourage’s main focus is to provide FREE content on a day-to-day basis to help educate, motivate and support your success no matter which direction you choose to take. From becoming a successful VP of a Fortune 500 company to starting the next Facebook, we bring you the tools, knowledge and motivation you seek while connecting you to others just like you in our community who become your centers of support as you become theirs and your knowledge all together becomes a priceless experience. The experience of having this education and motivation coming from individuals that are also part of Generation Y but very well established and posses the experience and skills needed to guide you through life’s challenges. As the months go by, you will see more and more of these people and their stories revealed through our success stories.

For me personally, Secret Entourage is my mark on our generation and what I want to be remembered for. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of many people who are simply waiting for someone to lend them a hand or point them in the right direction, so that they too can feel empowered to do what is necessary to be successful.

Help me by spreading the word and letting others know of this powerful and FREE website but more importantly thank you to all of you who follow us, read our content, share it, and help each other be successful in our community. For those of you who are not familiar with Secret Entourage and what its all about, read all about it and help further your education by clicking any of the three boxes that appear below.