The Ultimate Goal – The One Within

We spend a lot of time constantly trying to keep up with society and those around us. From our cars to the simplest competition for a promotion, we spend the majority of our life constantly trying to be better or look better than those around us but at what cost?

A little motivation through fair competition has never really hurt anyone, yet it can also be said that it certainly has stirred people away from their true goals, but rather took them down a roller coaster ride they could have certainly have done without.  If not to impress our neighbors, co-workers, or family members, what is the ultimate point of competing with others and how does it really make us feel when we win?

Is the importance of having 15 minutes of fame worth throwing your original goals out the window?

Certainly not!  It goes without saying that no matter what your accomplishments are in comparison to those within your circles, there are always those outside who are simply much more ahead and will make your dominance look quite small. No matter how large your home, there is a larger one somewhere.  No matter how fast your car is, one much faster is being made as you are buying yours. No matter how much money you have, there simply is someone with more. Wealthy individuals who have made more money than most will tell you that money past a certain point is nothing more than the means to keeping score of life and how well we are doing, but then the real question remains why are we playing in such a game?

When looking to compete with others, Secret Entourage offers an alternative way of thinking. One that involves competing with yourself rather than those around you. We recommend that you slow down and simply look at the competitor as no one other than yourself in the past. In other words, we want you to spend everyday of your life ensuring it is better and more productive than the previous day. Instead of worrying about what others are doing, we urge you to consider what you are doing as a top priority and ensure that each and every day you exist, you spend making sure you are in a better state than the previous. This may seem simple but believe us when we say it is extremely difficult.

It’s actually much easier to compete with others around you, as the only means to keep score is your definition of success, which usually is money. Keeping pace with yourself requires more than just your ability to make money everyday, but rather involves your all around well being and forces you to consider improvement not only from a monetary standpoint but also a continuity standpoint as well, forcing your moves to be focused on the long run rather than on tomorrow’s financial gain.

Focus on your goals and ensure everyday you spend is one day closer to that goal, but no matter what happens the days that you can’t control, you certainly can control your actions and reactions and can make sure they are aligned to the idea of being one day closer to the outcome you seek.